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Adam Zimirski 2008-07-21 00:00 tutorial  > 3ds MAX  > modeling

In this tutorial i would like to present simple and quick way to generate snow using 3DSMax particles system.

All you need is some tree like this below:

Once you have one select your tree, go to Editable Mesh in Selection window enable Ignore backfacing


From the top of the scene select all polygons ignoring bottom side is the place where particles will ganerate snow.

Now create particles go to particle systems and pick PArray

Set all parameters like shown bellow :) be careful choose object-based emitter at the end - any change might takes long time to update, make sure that yours tree is about 3,3 meters notice that particle size is 0,022m if you make it in wrong size it might affect in owergrowed or to small generated mesh

Create Mesher

Pick Object PArray

And wait antile it finish calculate, in my scene it take about 6h :) I know it's a lot! You can optimize this by decresing numbers of particle and changing coarseness to bigger but you will loss accuracy.


In place where you hed mesher should appear your snow. Mesh looks a little beat angular, use Relax to make it more smooth

Now drag mesh on to the tree and its ready :)

I recommend to practice on some small pices with smaller particle quantity to cam up with better result.

Final result

You can find scene with snow effect here


Author: Adam Zimirski
Tags: snow
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kamaraj07:13:03  |  03-07-2009
veray nice
enriquexa17:17:26  |  05-07-2009
ahengin23:33:14  |  08-08-2009
this is very prfect job , but at the last link not openin...
Pollo2923:24:49  |  10-09-2009
Muy bueno quedo... Saludos.
Sakhib07:33:10  |  12-09-2009
very nice....
amenk08:57:59  |  25-09-2009
I want like this....!
nateshkhanna12:05:41  |  16-10-2009
Wonderful Adam, thanks
Nikta00:34:45  |  09-01-2010
very interesting! thk! please may Y re-upload example file? now is not Found thks a lot
mindymind12:49:19  |  14-01-2010
were are the images? or is it my browser?
Greg K.23:28:49  |  12-02-2010
@mindymind: must be your browser, I am able to see the images! Have you guys tried the SnowFlow plugin yet? I treated myself to a license and tried it for a few days, now we are using it at work and we don't want to do without it anymore! :) Though it's a pity that the snowy season is almost over... =/
Freiheit07:44:18  |  24-09-2010
Good, but very expensive method... I mean the calculations.
miood521:50:50  |  08-10-2013
Hi! Can someone help me and tell what am I doing wrong if my particles are not distributed on the surface I created with polygons selected erlier ? Seems that I copied all of the setings shown in this tutorial but there is no positive effect ;( please someone help ;) I'd be thankfull ;) any pics needed ?
miood522:18:29  |  08-10-2013
I mean that the shape of the snow is notlike the shape of a surface I created when selecting and detaching polygons ;(
09:15:53  |  09-10-2013
It was long time ago since I created this tutorial, but i will try help. So let's try this way - maybe it's silly but did you "Pick Object" that you want generate snow?
miood510:20:00  |  09-10-2013
Yep, I did.
miood511:03:44  |  09-10-2013
Do you mind helping me via priv in Polish? It may be a lot faster. Or we can do it here in English if you want :)
miood517:44:11  |  09-10-2013
By "picking object" you mean that I detached the polygons wher snow would be ? Than yes, I did ;)
reza-abbasi08:20:22  |  17-11-2014
ty man , nice work
reza-abbasi08:27:16  |  17-11-2014
bro can u type your system information . i want to know 6h caculating whit what kind of system. ty
sc2proton11:44:08  |  26-12-2019
I don't see pictures ;(


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