Realistic bump map.

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Hello everyone! In this short tutorial I will show you a simple way to create correct bump map for textile material. You are able to create any bump/displace surface using this way.

1. Create a Circle spline in Front View. By using Break command split it into two parts.

2. Grab bottom part and using snap, move it as you see on image. Weld connection points to get continuous spline.

3. Repeat last step few times.

4. By using Clone Instance tool and Rotate make grid like on image.

5. Select one spline and select Enable in Renderer and Viewport in Modify Panel.

6. Create camera sheer to splines. Select Orthographic Projection in Modify panel. Measure distance min and max as i show on picture. You can do that by using Create -> Helpers -> Tape

7. Go to Camera View. By using FOV parameter set range of view.

8. Go to Rendering -> Render -> Render Elements and add Z Depth. Input Z Min and Z Max bellow.

9. After rendering you should get black&white image that you can use for creating displace or bump. You can play with Z Min&Max parameters for get better result.

Best regards! Lis
Author: LIS
Tags: bump
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the_vita03:01:36  |  24-07-2009
Simple and genius
xeon_max05:36:33  |  14-09-2009
easy to make thanks ill try iy
lztxwd09:30:12  |  18-08-2010
very useful!...thanks!
fitting19:52:57  |  19-05-2011
Never occured to me use this method to create a bump map. Thanks!


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