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Hello everyone! In the beginning let me introduce myself to the Evermotion Community. My name is Adrian Miskiewicz and I am member of MAX Digital Pictures a Computer Visual Effects Enthusiasts Non-Commercial Graphics Group, founded in June 2004 is an intention of two Polish computer visual effects enthusiasts. Adrian Miskiewicz & Lukas Smaga, currently with co-operation of Khyro Interactive, music solutions for multimedia high end projects. My Assignation in group is 3D/2D Graphics, Compositing & Finishing.

Now I wish to present my latest work Apocalypse digital compositing based on photo from window.

The Beginning
Any digital composition or matte painting have a idea, concept and source, this source is as usual photo or picture. My main Idea is a turning view frome window into a destroyed future reflection of itself.

First stage of project is to find and refine source photos of destruction references connected with our subject ... search key word is destroyed, rubble, bombed and etc. you can find very nice pics for free, just look around!

Now we select finded materials and search useful areas of destrucion on photos and composite it with our source. But first we must correct the perspective with standard transform tools in Photoshop like scale, rotate, skew and etc.

Next step is to do a ground from green grass. This process its very easy to do, i use some changes in Hue and Saturation value and sharpness of image to expose mud.

As you know in Net you can find very nice pics for free and composite them in to our image like this hole.

Sometimes image not have only one element to composite, like this below shows the birds and clouds. In this case I use clouds to make smoke from factory shaft.

This is the end stage of project with glass shattered window frame. Final Photoshop compositing have 32 different layers with various blending types.

Almost whole work is done in Photoshop except, color correction and sun lens effect which I create in Eyeon Digital Fusion a full-featured, node-based compositing system with Knoll Light Factory plugin.

Final Compositing
And this is a little Bonus... layered making of in Quick Time Video.


Best Regards
Adrian "Rascal" Miskiewicz
Evermotion Team
Author: Rascal
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