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Welcome. Many of you are asking how to make good looking leather. So I prepared small tutorial that shows simple way how to make this kind of material.

I will show it on scene from Archmodels Vol.5's cover. At first, we must set up our material. Lets make vray material and set all up like on pic.

Now into bump slot put properly prepared texture with leather's pattern (i shared some for example).

Next you must apply material to model. And in bump's material turn on "Show Material in Viewport", it will help you with making properly mapping.

Now sellect our model and add UVW Mapping modifier with Box mapping type - this is mostly enough.

After render you should have material that looks like on renders below.

B. Regards
Evermotion team

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Author: Zed
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Ethen10:23:27  |  08-05-2011
Oh,it's a good tutorial
AnLed05:27:37  |  28-05-2011
This is really helpful. Thanks. I wonder if you can tell me how to do this in wood. I like to mimic old furniture colours... when making furniture it usually start with a colour panel that is made by spraying different paints on a wood panel and making texture on that wood panel... how can i apply these wood panel on my model? I tried to take a picture of it first but don't know how to proceed..? Please help? Thanks a lot..
xuanhai_027200717:09:28  |  06-08-2011
Tuyệt vời! xin vui lòng gửi cho tôi tập tin của bạn, xuanhai_0272007@yahoo.com, cảm ơn bạn!
xuanhai_027200717:10:34  |  06-08-2011
Great! please send me your file, thongarc99@yahoo.com, thanks you
villy216:26:03  |  09-10-2011
very good !! can you send me the file please? vasopan2@gmail.com thank you
pfpf91107:36:49  |  29-11-2011
hungnk19:17:57  |  17-12-2011
wonderful lesson, pls sent me your file khahungkts@yahoo.com thanks so much
vincentbacudio13:28:15  |  07-03-2012
thats great :) it will help me..idol pls send me in my email. a technique about editing material..
vincentbacudio13:29:31  |  07-03-2012
can you send me a file..about technique in max
luofei198716:24:28  |  13-04-2012
GOOD!!!419519764@qq.com thank you!
mamad7309:32:47  |  09-08-2012
great thanks evermotion
b_arch_513:28:35  |  29-11-2012
Great.please send me your file.thanks.b_arch_5@yahoo.com
bahgat14:40:36  |  12-01-2013
tanks for all the team and for every things
hankl14:55:34  |  11-06-2013
Very nice! Can you send me a copy of file Max (save archive) to 527517423@qq.com. Thanks a lot !
ejazz05:45:08  |  20-06-2013
Nice tutorial. Tried it out but didn't work that well for me. May I request for this file to be sent to edmundgames@gmail.com ? Thanks
leather goods in spain19:28:46  |  15-09-2014
Oh,it's a good tutorial
leather goods in spain19:32:40  |  15-09-2014
I want to know some photoshop trick to make pictures of leather red go more real, for example <a href="http://stefanopallas.com">http://stefanopallas.com</a> , because normally when making photographs of my products if they are red and visualization features give problems are not fully appreciated sharpen the image. ¿why?


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