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Archinteriors vol. 27
Archinteriors vol. 27


Archinteriors vol. 27 includes 10 fully textured loft interior scenes ready to render with professional shaders and lighting. Every scene includes at least 3 cameras setup. All scenes are prepared for V-ray 1.5 with 3dsmax 2010. All presented renders are with postproduction. PSD files are included.

  • Recommended system specification: Quad Core PC with 8GB of ram and 64bit system
  • If you have problems to save or re-open the scenes, you need to update your PhysX plug-ins. Learn more about it here
  • If you want to enable material colors in your scene, you need to enable it on "Display" tab in 3ds Max. Look here - we highlighted this option on a screenshot.


You can find Vrayforc4d version of these scenes in this collection:

Archinteriors vol. 27 for C4D


fbx - with textures and simple materials, without cameras and lights
obj - with textures and simple materials, without cameras and lights

*.max - 2010 or higher

V-Ray *.max - 1.5 or higher - with textures and shaders

Archinteriors vol. 27




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