Evermotion Competition - Interior design - Voting

Evermotion Competition - Interior design


  • Graphic card - HP nVidia Quadro FX 3800
  • Octane renderer licence
  • V-ray renderer licence - you can choose software C4D, 3dsmax or Maya
  • Evermotion DVDs - Archmodels bundle (from Am 41 to 72)
  • Vue 8 xStream (Download only)
  • Evermotion DVDs - Archexteriors bundle
  • Wacom graphic tablet - Intuos 4 M
  • Evermotion dvd's - Archinteriors bundle
  • Three Evermotions archmodels (from 1 to 72)
  • Two Evermotions archmodels (from 1 to 72)
  • 1 Evermotions archmodels (from 1 to 72)
  • 1 Evermotions archmodels (from 1 to 40)
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E-on Software

At e-on software, Digital Nature is not just a catchy buzzword, it's our passion, as we strive to deliver the most comprehensive, powerful, fun-to-use 3D Natural Scenery solutions to our equally passionate and creative users and customers. Since its inception in 1997, e-on has pioneered the concept of Digital Nature and enjoyed the widespread adoption of its solutions across a variety of industries and user communities. Moving forward, our mission will continue to focus on expanding our leadership in Digital Nature by delivering exciting, cutting-edge capabilities and solutions to our existing markets and customers and to a growing audience of new markets and innovative opportunities.


PROCAD company dealing with implementations of CAD systems since 1988, whose main mission is to provide for graphic designers and engineers tools, that support effective design and manufacture. Today PROCAD is one of the largest IT companies operating on the Polish market for CAD systems. From the beginning the company is linked to the leader among manufacturers of systems supporting the design, the Autodesk company. In the course of many years of collaboration with Autodesk, PROCAD received many special status and awards, among others, since 1995 had the title of the Autodesk System Center. Recently, as the only company in Poland, PROCAD received the Autodesk Premier Solution Provider title. The biggest spectacular honors was the award granted at the annual global conference in 2000, Autodesk Autodesk Systems Center Award of the Year 1999/2000 (for the region Europe, Middle East and Africa). PROCAD offer is completed by: the hardware, Training Center, a service printing devices (mainly large format's plotters), technical support services, and stronger offer of its own software. Currently, PROCAD portfolio includes more than 20 applications running, not only as an overlay or a library, but also independent programs.

Chaos group

Chaos Group provides state of the art rendering solutions for architectural, VFX, film, media and entertainment, automotive design, television and other industries. Chaos Group started its business in 1997 with establishing a CG production studio for 3D design and animation services. After creating V-Ray render engine in 2002 Chaos Group dedicated its efforts on development and global distribution of rendering solutions for 3D visualization through its daughter company – Chaos Software. The professional expertise and experience of Chaos Software team and the feedback provided by our customers forged V-Ray into what it is today – trendsetting rendering technology. V-Ray became rendering solution of choice for many 3D production houses due to its capability to deliver high quality photorealistic images in the shortest time. In June 2009 Chaos Group officially released V-Ray RT - the first interactive renderer of it’s kind for 3ds Max. The power of this interactive raytracing technology changes the way 3D artists and visualization specialists approach the lighting and shading setup. Now they can use the V-Ray RT intuitive, time saving and highly interactive features to completely enjoy the creative side of the rendering process.


LAUBlab KG is a vienna/europe based architecture, graphic design and software development firm, which explores the blurred boundaries between architecture, technology, art and science.the team is a group of architects, designers, 3d artists and programmers. it was founded 2001 and is owned and lead by the 2 architects Sabine and Stefan Laub. In cooperation with Chaosgroup, LAUBlab produces VRAYforC4D. the main developers of this Vray version are Are Renato Rarabella And Daniele Ficini from Italy. It is based on the newest Chaosgroup Vray 1.9 software sdk. Other software Products are Rhino.io, the forthcoming rhino file importer for Cinema4d. LAUBlab is also reseller for selected premium 3d software products and 3d content, and beta testers of various render engines on the market For more information contact LAUBlab under office@laublab.com For Vray related information contact them under office@vrayforc4d.com

Wacom Americas

Inspired by natural human abilities to create, our patented pen and touch input technology allows freedom of expression, inspired creativity, and drastic improvements in productivity, control and comfort. From product development and graphic design to the media and entertainment sectors, Wacom facilitates the work of individuals and workgroups with truly natural ways to work with digital content. At Wacom, we believe that technology should be easy to use and simple to understand. With products that rely on human intuition and natural movement, we strive to bring people and technology closer together. Our patented pen and touch input technology has helped professionals around the world create extraordinary characters, digital art, films, special effects, fashions, and industrial designs. We're proud to say that some of the most celebrated companies in these industries rely on our products. No other technology company strives to design tools that empower creative professionals the way Wacom does. Not even close.

Refractive Software LTD

Fully GPU Based ...Fully Interactive...Fully Unbiased Octane Render is the worlds first GPU based, un-biased, physically based renderer. As opposed to the handfull of processor cores available in CPU's, the GPU typically has hundreds of cores for parallel processing making it the best resource for rendering in your computer. Yet, to date no other software makes use of it in the way that Octane does. With even a single mid-range GPU you can typically expect to see a 1000%-1500% (10X to 15X) speed increase over a typical un-biased, CPU based renderer.


  • Krzystof Kundzicz - Evermotion Owner Krzysztof Kundzicz
  • Adam Kozłowski - Evermotion Owner Adam Kozłowski
  • Rafał Waniek - Evermotion Studio director Rafał Waniek
  • Kuba Dabrowski - Evermotion Cg artist Kuba Dabrowski
  • Adam Guzowski - Evermotion Cg artist Adam Guzowski

  • ul. Przedzalniana 8, 15-688 Bialystok, POLAND