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Evermotion Challenge 2014


[UPDATE]: Submissions are over!

Do  you  miss  the  summer?  We  sure  do!  Let’s  keep  it  with  us  a  while  longer.  We  ask  you to  join  Evermotion  Challenge  2014 - Summer in  the  City  and make great  visualizations - interiors, exteriors, crazy ideas are welcome too. We will reward those who are creative, innovative and have great technical skills.


  • Prizes total worth: 16 760
  • Start: 16th of September
  • End: 17th of November
  • Submit your work by posting new thread in Challenge 2014 forum
  • Post your work in production images and final render till 17th of November
  • Add a strip with your name below final image:

Want to know more? Read on...

Our great jury will choose winners according to aesthetics of the project and its  technical  quality. Start of submissions is on 16th  of  September. The contest ends on 17th of November.

They will see your work! Our jury:

  • Alex Roman (CG Artist),
  • Rusko Ruskov (V-Ray Master Trainer, Chaos Group),
  • Grant Warwick (Mastering CGI Owner),
  • Ciro Sannino (Official V-Ray Instructor),
  • Jakub Dabrowski (Evermotion CG Artist).

What's in it for me?
Join Evermotion Challenge 2014, show your work to the CG community, experts and employers from all the world. The prizes worth reaches 16 760! The end of contest is on 17th of November.

1st place - prizes worth 7520

  • 5 EVERMOTION collections of winner's choose and €1000
  • V-ray for 3dsMAX - Commercial V-Ray license of choice
  • VRAYforC4D
  • Arion for 3ds Max
  • Fox RenderFarm Rendering Credits for €500
  • Octane Standalone License + Octane plugin of winners' choice
  • 1 year subscription to Learnvray
  • 1 Digital-Tutors annual plus subscription
  • CityTraffic
  • an(i)ma + 10 compatible human 3d models
  • Mastering Hard Surface tutorials
  • MultiScatter
  • Arion stand-alone
  • Mastering V-Ray tutorials
  • "The Third and The Seventh: From Bits to the Lens" book by Alex Roman
  • "Photography & Rendering with V-Ray" book by Ciro Sannino
  • CGIFarm Rendering Credits for $400

2nd place - prizes worth 4758

  • 5 EVERMOTION collections of winner's choose and €750
  • V-ray for 3dsMAx - One-year licenses of choice
  • Arion for 3ds Max
  • Octane Standalone License + Octane plugin of choice
  • CityTraffic
  • an(i)ma + 5 compatible human 3d models
  • Fox RenderFarm Rendering Credits for €300
  • 1 Digital-Tutors annual subscription
  • Mastering Hard Surface tutorials
  • Mastering V-Ray tutorials
  • "The Third and The Seventh: From Bits to the Lens" book by Alex Roman
  • "Photography & Rendering with V-Ray" book by Ciro Sannino
  • CGIFarm Rendering Credits for $250

3rd place - prizes worth 3579

  • 5 EVERMOTION collections of winner's choose and €500
  • V-ray for 3dsMAx - One-year licenses of choice
  • Octane Standalone License + Octane plugin of choice
  • an(i)ma
  • Mastering Hard Surface tutorials
  • MadCar
  • Fox RenderFarm Rendering Credits for €200
  • Arion stand-alone
  • Mastering V-Ray tutorials
  • "The Third and The Seventh: From Bits to the Lens" book by Alex Roman
  • "Photography & Rendering with V-Ray" book by Ciro Sannino
  • 1 Digital-Tutors monthly plus subscription
  • CGIFarm Rendering Credits for $150

Additional awards:

  • 3 x "The Third and The Seventh: From Bits to the Lens" book by Alex Roman
  • 3 x Evermotion collections
  • 3x CGIFarm Rendering Credits for $100

What work should I submit?
The theme of the contest is to create a visual representation showing the summer in the city. It can be interior, exterior, big landscape or small details. In the contest will be judged both idea and execution of the project.  Unleash your imagination!

I'm in! How to apply?
You need to register or login and make a new thread in this forum thread: Summer in the City - Challenge 2014. First you need only to claim your access, but until Evermotion Challenge ends (17th of November), you will have to post a few "Work in Progress" renders and the final work.

What tools can I use?
Work must be genereted in 3d software. You can use every 3D software you want, post processing inside Photoshop or other 2D software is allowed. Don't forget to write about software you used.

Oh boy! Can I have two (or more)?
Sorry, multiple entries are not allowed.

And last but not least...
The work you submit to this Challenge must be your own personal work, groups and companies are not allowed. You can use ready-made 3d models or textures, but You have to give credits for people / companies that have made them. Final submission resolution should be not lower than 1200px (the longest edge).

Show Your skill to the world! Good luck!

Evermotion Team


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jvallejoo 20:10:10  |  17-09-2014
im ready
marioperufiggg 00:49:01  |  18-09-2014
I have a problem! My message is not in the forum! please help want to participate but my message does not appear in the forum
maheshdube 07:00:00  |  18-09-2014
when will result????
abdelkarim 12:35:16  |  18-09-2014
salam alikom im here . with full power OF lightwave and kray render ^^ :D .
AminYsh 13:50:34  |  18-09-2014
helloooooo im ready with maya and mentalray lets go...!
Javier CG_Artist 20:22:48  |  19-09-2014
Listo! Suerte para todos , se ve muy bueno el concurso con artistas de gran nivel, espero que haya alguien mas de Mexico DF !!
6in1 04:11:15  |  20-09-2014
Great news! I will join it!
javierbch 17:39:20  |  20-09-2014
desde Colombia listo para empezar, suerte a todos
serg-design 08:15:03  |  22-09-2014
I'm in with Sketchup, 3Dmax vray and Photoshop
budhori 08:27:55  |  22-09-2014
i m ready lets start it.
princeinsa 08:15:43  |  23-09-2014
I Have already post a thread but it doesn't show. any suggestion please
koushikb21 13:26:29  |  23-09-2014
Hi, I am in, but i am not able to create any new thread under Summer in the City - Challenge 2014.... please help
koushikb21 13:33:38  |  23-09-2014
Hi, Thanks ""dr_After"", got the button and link.. :)
M.Alrayes 14:00:03  |  29-09-2014
i will participate but i wonder if the one with the big landscape or interior and exterior will be more considerate than small Designs ?
dr_After 09:38:32  |  30-09-2014
@M.Alrayes - there are 5 judges and they will decide. Nobody can speak for them. I say: try! If it is good judges will definetely notice it and appreciate it! :)
demmiurg 23:20:00  |  30-09-2014
I will try
pilgonico 08:49:21  |  01-10-2014
I am also ready
mike makki 09:02:34  |  01-10-2014
can I film animation?
mike makki 09:03:45  |  01-10-2014
mortezakbari 20:56:33  |  02-10-2014
go this
loveii02 04:18:42  |  06-10-2014
i'm in
KARLOS HERFLO 03:25:52  |  09-10-2014
i'm ready ..,
bnt.raorane 06:44:40  |  10-10-2014
b3werdna 14:01:42  |  13-10-2014
cant see my post :(
martta 10:10:12  |  14-10-2014
If you are posting for a first time, your post is moderated - sometimes it takes a couple of hours before it will be online!
M.Alrayes 22:12:02  |  15-10-2014
i wanna know if i must post new thread every time to put work in progress or replay to my post instead ?
martta 11:31:27  |  17-10-2014
M.Alrayes - do not post new thread, reply to your post.
dungoc2190 07:10:58  |  19-10-2014
im ready
actshamy 13:41:36  |  21-10-2014
hello max and vray are the best
shaik_sgm22 10:36:32  |  27-10-2014
hello new in
Samyvincent52 16:36:14  |  27-10-2014
I am so in! I am late but not sleeping is an option for me :)
AkramLodhi 20:10:29  |  02-11-2014
Hi , I am new , but I am Ready
yoga34 19:28:26  |  14-11-2014
i ready to rock!
koushikb21 09:22:52  |  17-11-2014
Hello When we can expect result :) Koushik
martta 14:45:28  |  17-11-2014
koushikb21 - winners will be announced next week
Mr.Marco 18:36:15  |  17-11-2014
when you will announce winner of the challenge ?
emartin8907 19:11:12  |  17-11-2014
Sooooo is the deadline end of day today? What time zone?