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10 years of Evermotion!

Evermotion 2015-03-10 11:01 article  > 10th Anniversary

Join us and get your Archmodels collection for free and 10 super-sellers in special discounted prices!

Hello, Evermotion user, customer, cg artist, arch-visualizer! In 2015 we are celebrating 10 years of Evermotion!

Thank you for your support and being the part of our community. We are constantly improving for you and we are making our best to provide you the greatest assets and tools - now and in the future. And now... to the goodies!

On the occasion of 10th birthday we have a gift for you - Archmodels vol. 152 for FREE!

What's inside Archmodels vol. 152? In cooperation with LUG Light Factory we are bringing you Archmodels vol. 152 - 76 highly detailed and fully textured lights. You can use them freely in your visualizations (commercially and non-commercially). 

You can find more details in this article. Or you can directly DOWNLOAD ARCHMODELS VOL. 152.
If you don't have an Evermotion account, you need to register first here.

There's one more thing - Top 10 bestsellers are 50% off!

We cut prices by 50% of 10 best selling products in Evermotion history. Visit Evermotion Shop for details!



Great testimonials from our friends!

CGRecord_Co_Founder_Maryam_Nademi_400.jpg Digital art is a relatively young industry and since its early years, Evermotion has always been continuosly a reliable source for professional training and inspiration for digital artists all around the globe. A down to earth yet passionate team of talented artists, who have contributed a lot to Digital art community and we sincerely congratulate its tenth birthday. - Maryam Nademi, CGRecord Co-Founder.
MarekDenkoPicture_400.jpg It's amazing to see local community of CG enthusiasts grow worldwide and change the industry over the years. Congratulations! I wish you at least the same successful enterprise for the next decade. - Marek Denko, CG Artist
ciro_sannino_pic_400.jpg Evermotion models are really great! They are so detailed and perfect for photorealism. I always suggest your library to my students on! - Ciro Sannino, 5SRW / V-Ray Certified Instructor
ARoman_IDPhoto_400.jpg Evermotion was (and still IS) if not one of the best but the best portal I ever faced into. As I repeated several times on my book-written lines, time is money in this industry and EM's model libraries is fastest and best way to go until date... Not only helped me promoting my work but being the most powerful helping and gathering people forum & support for us a whole new generation. Keep on going for more than this ten wonderful years guys!" - Alex Roman, CG Artist
mir_portrait_316.jpg I'm not lying when I say, Evermotion was the first site where I met with the 3d architectural visualization. The site that gave me inspiration that lasts even today! Their products makes my job easier day to day so I wish them to make the same amount of Evermotion Collections in the next 10 years as well! Happy Birthday! - Tamas Medve, CG Artist

Last but not least - that's how it started...


Evermotion founders - Pendzel, Adas and P.G 10 years ago. 100% of company staff in 2005. Can you recognize them on the picture below?


Click on image to enlarge nr_AI38_004_PP_159.jpg

In 2015 there are more of us now! Thank you again! Many great collections are coming this year. Stay tuned!


Go to 10 years of Evermotion Anniversary Page.

Author: Evermotion Editor: Evermotion
Tags: evermotion 10years birthday
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Visualization within one hour using archmodels

Visualization within one hour using archmodels

This week I'm going to use some of Evermotions Archmodels collection to create a simple visualization inside 3dsmax within 1 hour of work. The tutorial includes also the basic rendering settings and simple postproduction inside Photoshop.


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xxbinxx 10:50:48  |  17-03-2015
Thank you for being a great inspiration for 10 Years! ps: Where Pendzel's guitar in the last Photo?
dr_After 10:54:05  |  17-03-2015
Thanks, xxbinxx, there is hidden guitar in this picture, but only Pendzel knows where it is ;)
3Dmitri 11:50:12  |  17-03-2015
Congrats with this date ever team! u did a great work for all 3d world cheers
awesoly 13:01:52  |  17-03-2015
Congratulations. You are one of the best CG sites. Great job. Pozdrowienia!
mensajerocba 13:43:22  |  17-03-2015
Evernotion thank you very much !
Davood Kharmanzar 16:27:09  |  17-03-2015
Happy birthday Evermotion ...
Davood Kharmanzar 16:27:16  |  17-03-2015
Happy birthday Evermotion ...
esanti 20:25:44  |  17-03-2015
Long life for the most professional modelers of world, have made us happy with all useful packages, scenes and tutorials. I wish all the best to the excellent team. Success!
philip kelly 09:42:09  |  18-03-2015
Congratulations. One of the 1st sites I go to everyday and I have a lot of your collections. The backbone of the Viz Industry. Phil
dr_After 13:36:39  |  18-03-2015
On behalf of Evermotion, let me say BIG thanks for all kind words, folks! Our success would not be possible without you! :)
A.Jakobitz 18:08:28  |  18-03-2015
Congratulations, Thank You keep going like this.
creatura 04:45:07  |  19-03-2015
mohammad musfra 14:46:40  |  21-03-2015
Happy birthday Evermotion . Best wishes .. Permanent success 09:46:23  |  01-04-2015
Congratulations, Thank You keep going like this. i love u :-)