NOX Renderer is now open source software!

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After years of development we decided to give NOX for the community.

NOX physically based renderer, fully integrated with Blender and 3ds Max (and with C4D support) is now Open Source. We release it on Apache license - free to commercial use and modifications.

You can freely improve and modify this render engine, integrate it with any 3d software, write plugins for NOX, use it in your commercial works and / or sell it. The possibilities are endless and depend only on you.

Main features of NOX:

  • physical based engine
  • enhanced postprocesing
  • rendering to layers
  • real and fake dof
  • instancing and displacement
  • subsurface scattering


Yours sincerely.


Author: Evermotion Editor: Michal Franczak
Tags: nox opensource apache
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Roxxxor18:52:35  |  26-08-2014
Thank you Evermotion, this is very generous of you!
maxdudik20:04:11  |  05-09-2014
Thank you, guys! Porting to Linux planned? And when?
Tinutu14:19:26  |  15-01-2015
Might sound really dumb as a question, but does this mean you guys will stop developing it in the future?
rombout16:33:52  |  12-06-2015
This is windows only right? Where is the blender installer?
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