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New features: 3ds Max 2015 is now supported, viewport illumination, smart proxy, shadow catcher, support for particle flow.

SmartProxy – .CPROXY

Added new, intelligent universal proxy format: .cproxy.

  • The format is cross platform (you will be able to use it in Cinema4D, Maya and standalone or in any other future platform).
  • Uses compression - it is 3x times smaller and therefore faster to read/load or upload to renderfarms (great for users with slow internet connection).
  • Proxies are now saved always in millimeters, and are properly scaled when loaded into scene using different units.
  • Older formats are still supported, and automated solution is provided to batch convert all existing proxies into the new format.
  • Point cloud is now area-sampled - points are distributed evenly.
  • Contains human-readable metadata, like the name of the source object and its material at the beginning of each file (script friendly)

Viewport Illumination



Added viewport illumination from CoronaLights and CoronaSun to both D3D and Nitrous viewports

Multi-threaded saving

Significantly cuts down the time needed after each rendering to send results to 3ds Max.

Shadow Catcher


Added a new Shadow Catcher material for compositing rendered objects into real camera footage. The material allows compositing directly in 3ds max, or in postproduction, and comes with easy to use, integrated “Camera map per pixel” functionality.

Support of Particle Flow


Added support for particle flow and simple particle systems, complete with true motion blur, particle age, and particle mblur maps.

Color Mapping directly in VFB

Color mapping controls are directly in the VFB. They are also linked with the controls in render settings.

Spherical and cylindrical cameras


Added support for spherical and cylindrical cameras. A script by Martin Geupel is available to create a web browser presentation with single click.

Quad Menu Proxy Creator


Officially bundled script by Pavel Vojacek for fast & convenient proxy creation from the quad menu:

Small improvements

Updated material convertor by Martin Geupel is bundled with the installer. It allows fast & convenient material conversion. You can run it with MENU > MaxScript > RunScript > It converts 17 material types, incuding Standard, VrayMtl, and MR_ArchAndDesign.Corona Material Convertor. Added the property “Invisible in masks” to CoronaMtl.

Small UI fixes and improvements

  • Default VFB internal resolution changed to 1, resulting in faster VFB updates and 75% less memory consumption
  • Added support for Shell material
  • Added option to use textures with CoronaLight object
  • Fixed occasional incorrect reflections when using portals
  • Default displacement value changed to 1cm
  • Added support for water level (height cutoff) to displacement
  • More visually plausible output of kelvin tempreture color in all lights/textures
  • Faster CoronaSky parsing
  • Added Corona display and selection filters to 3ds max
  • Added option to directly pick object from scene when creating proxies

Download Corona Renderer Alpha7 or read more on Corona Renderer site.


Author: Corona Editor: Michal Franczak
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