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A few steps to win Evermotion collections.

Every two weeks you can take one Evermotion collection for free. You just need to win Forum Users' Awards!

Here's how you do it:

First, you need to be logged in.



Then, go to Evermotion Forum:



Choose where you want to post. You can make a new thread in one of the following galleries:

  • VISUALIZATION GALLERY - you can post here any finished arch-visualization works, but not single models.
  • 3D GALLERY - for posting models and all works that are not arch-visualizations
  • 2D GALLERY - you can post any 2d work (paintings, drawings, etc.)
  • GAME ART - for posting works that were meant for games
  • ANIMATIONS - for posting animations



Just post a new thread. Remember to attach at least one image (JPG), even if you are posting an animation.



STEP 5: Open your thread, read Terms and Conditions and click "Submit":



STEP 6: Wait for approval from Evermotion



STEP 7: wait for votes. You can also vote yourself (once daily). Don't forget to share thread with your friends on Facebook (or any place you want).



Watch your score on Forum Users' Awards page and wait for announcing the winners!


Good luck!

Go to the Forum Users' Awards page.

Author: Michał Franczak Editor: Michal Franczak
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hassankhateeb17:53:45  |  16-08-2017
Ok naw I'm winning forum Users awards haw can I get the evermotion collection


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