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Evermotion Challenge 2013 Winners Announcement!

Michał Franczak 2013-10-29 13:07 article  > All

Jury was debating to the last moment! And now we have the final results.

We congratulate the winners and we thank all attendants for hard work!

And a drum roll....ba-dum-tsss!

1st Prize goes to Bartosz Domiczek for his project Stratosphere+

Click on image to enlarge


Software used: 3ds max, V-Ray, Photoshop

Author's comment: „I've done research considering physics, economy and a site characteristic which helped me to conceive a concept of stratosphere-high structure of functional, communication, energy and climatic profile.”

Judges comments:

Barbara Witkowska: Big plus for invention and fresh approach to the theme. Unique idea of houses elevated above the clouds, accented with smooth color palette. Open frame gives an impression of endless space around.

Kuba Dabrowski: It is definetely the most considered design of future housing of this challenge. Clean presentation plus great image quality makes it number one for me.

Michał Horba: Work is on topic, I like the idea of life in the clouds. Very nice designed living space, good technical quality.

Bartosz Domiczek receives following prizes:

  • Nvidia GTX Titan card (765€)
  • MAXON – CINEMA 4D Visualize R15.
  • "The Third and The Seventh: From Bits to the Lens" book by Alex Roman (signed by author!) (99€)
  • VrayforC4D (790€)
  • FOX Renderfarm rendering credits for 500€
  • Digital-Tutors annual subscription (300€)
  • LumenRT 4 Studio (613€)
  • RandomControl LIVE for MAX – full licence (595€)
  • MultiScatter (200€)
  • MadCar (200€)
  • Solidrocks (75€)
  • SKY HDRi Bundle 03 + SKY HDRi Bundle 02 + SKY HDRi Bundle 01 (178€)
  • Premium VRay Interior Workshop + Premium Vray Webinar Pack (340€)
  • 600€ coupon for Evermotion Products
  • PREMIUM PORTFOLIO ACCOUNT on evermotion.org (20€)
  • Evermotion gadgets: cup, T-shirt, notebook


2nd Prize goes to Tamas Medve for Metallum City

Click on image to enlarge


Software used: 3ds max 2012, Photoshop

Author's comment: The sudden increase in sea level caused the cities of the future to be dependent on millions of dams and networks of canals. The people were living like rats in the darkness and filth locked away in their tiny cavities in high rises of containers. The streets were reigned by violance and chaos. Once again: mankind is facing a new and exhausting challenge...

Judges comments:

Barbara Witkowska: Spectacular composition, light and mood. Sad vision of future city and houses packed one on another.

Kuba Dabrowski: Incredible work of art with so many small details - mindblowing! The main concept of living inside the container skyscrapers unfortunately did not impressed me that much, so finally I think it is a well-deserved 2nd prize.

Michal Horba: Outstanding! I congratulate great cg skills! If it was more on topic, we would have a winner of the contest. This work has great cg quality and I like the enormous amount of details. I am addicted to this picture.

Tamas Medve receives following prizes:

  • V-ray + dongle (1000€)
  • "The Third and The Seventh: From Bits to the Lens" book by Alex Roman (signed by author!) (99€)
  • FOX Renderfarm rendering credits for 300€
  • Digital-Tutors semi annual subscription (170€)
  • Carbon Scatter 2 + Carbon Botanica (227€)
  • MultiScatter (200€)
  • MadCar (200€)
  • Solidrocks (75€)
  • Arion 2 (195€)
  • SKY HDRi Bundle 03 + SKY HDRi Bundle 02 + SKY HDRi Bundle 01 (178€)
  • Premium VRay Interior Workshop + Premium Vray Webinar Pack (340€)
  • 360€ coupon for Evermotion Products
  • PREMIUM PORTFOLIO ACCOUNT on evermotion.org (20€)
  • Evermotion gadgets: cup, T-shirt, notebook


3rd Prize goes to Csaba Banati for Capsule Homes

Click on image to enlarge


Software used: 3ds max, V-Ray, Photoshop

Author's comment: „The idea was to create something between a utopia and dystopia, some super technical hi-end stuff with human imperfection which makes it a little disturbing.”

Judges comments:

Barbara Witkowska: Skyscrapers made of identical modules seen from inside of one of such a module became a background for touching story. All in one frame. Bravo!

Kuba Dabrowski: Beautiful work with a story, but it lacks in design compartment.

Michal Horba: Maybe it is not a great design, but it has nice mood, great story and also good technical quality.

Csaba Banati receives following prizes:

  • "The Third and The Seventh: From Bits to the Lens" book by Alex Roman (signed by author!) (99€)
  • FOX Renderfarm rendering credits for 200€
  • Digital-Tutors one month's access (35€)
  • Carbon Scatter 2 + Carbon Botanica (227€)
  • MultiScatter (200€)
  • SplineLand (130€)
  • Solidrocks (75€)
  • Arion 2 (195€)
  • SKY HDRi Bundle 03 + SKY HDRi Bundle 02 + SKY HDRi Bundle 01 (178€)
  • Premium VRay Interior Workshop + Premium Vray Webinar Pack (340€)
  • 240€ coupon for Evermotion Products
  • PREMIUM PORTFOLIO ACCOUNT on evermotion.org (20€)
  • Evermotion gadgets: cup, T-shirt, notebook


We selected also three equal awards:

Award for Konrad Jamrozik for his Modular house

Click on image to enlarge


Software used: 3ds max, V-Ray, Photoshop

Author comment: Near future, world is standing in front of the global warming. My concept based on the idea of using self-sufficient housing unit which has industrial character, close to „machine housing” of Le Corbusier.

Judges comments:

Barbara Witkowska: Well composed harsh design of skeletal buiding with unfriendly environment. Nice mood.

Kuba Dabrowski: Very good concept of a modular house. I like both the idea and presentation. Renderings have a great atmosphere.

Michal Horba: I like the idea of modular design and technical quality of this picture. Just by looking at this image you can tell that this building is standing in extremely unfriendly and cold environment.

Konrad Jamrozik wins one Evermotion collection worth 120€, Evermotion cup, t-shirt and notebook.


Award for Christian Debney for Major flooding

Click on image to enlarge


Software used: 3ds max, V-Ray

Author's comment: The concept is based on the fact that the worlds oceans may cause major flooding and people want to be able to adapt to this new environment. I see entire communities made up of floating homes that are situated on the water.

Judges comments:

Barbara Witkowska: Interesting vision of lonely island - mobile water house.

Kuba Dabrowski: Realy good idea that could be executed a bit better.

Michal Horba: Idea of the water world is not bad, but the design is lacking - swimming house? Why not to board a yacht? It's good work after all, but without "wow" effect.

Christian Debney wins one Evermotion collection worth 120€, Evermotion cup, t-shirt and notebook.


Award for Donald Cokara for Back to the nature

Click on image to enlarge


Software used: 3ds max, V-Ray, Photoshop

Author's comment: My idea for future home design is more like fluid shaped structure fused with natural elements (ground, grass, trees,...). The whole structure will have minimal impact on environment.

Judges comments:

Barbara Witkowska: It is a succesful attempt to merge interior and exterior spaces with respect to nature.

Kuba Dabrowski: Good concept of connection between human and nature. But I think that final
presentation lacks quality.

Michal Horba: this work is interesting, but it could be better technically executed. I am not sure if the trees near the stairs are there by an accident or by a design.

Author wins one Evermotion collection worth 120€, Evermotion cup, t-shirt and notebook.

Congratulation for the winners! Thanks again for all attendants for hard work! To the next time! :)

We also want to thank our sponsors:

ChaosGroup_V_Ray_logo_296x77.jpgChaos Group  



e_on_logo_mf_240.pngE-on software



fox_mf_240.pngFox Renderfarm



icube_mf_240.pngiCube R&D Group



maxon_logo_mf_240.pngMAXON Computer GmbH















vray_art_mf_240.PNGVRayART LTD



vray_for_c4d.pngLAUBlab is the creator of VRAYforC4D


solidrocks_mf_240.pngSubburb (Jerome Prevost)



Untitled_slider_00006.jpgThe Third and The Seventh: From Bits to the Lens




Media coverage:

cgrecord_240.pngCG Record - Coputer Graphics online Newspaper



Untitled_slider_00005_1.jpg V-Ray Workshop group.


Author: Michał Franczak Editor: Michal Franczak
Tags: challenge
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SIUSI 13:54:16  |  29-10-2013
:) congratz
arq.suriel 14:03:28  |  29-10-2013
congratulations to the winners!!! felicidades a los ganadores!!!
bartosz.domiczek 16:10:12  |  29-10-2013
I am humbly suprised to find myself a winner. Thank you, Evermotion team and congratulation to all other participants - you did a great job. chriz2000> I took me several months to do all the research and to establish design guidelines (that was a part of my master thesis and there are much more materials than I showed on a research sheet in my competition topic). This challenge was a great opportunity to edit my project with a proper and polished visual face. As you can see, one of my most important goals was to obtain solutions which are futuristic, far-fetched and - simultaneously - as much physically accurate, as close I can get. I would like to present my entire work in web-friendly, english version but it would need some extra work. Maybe this challenge will be an excuse to give it a nice abstract.
chriz2000 16:41:36  |  29-10-2013
Hey Bartosz! I have seen your work at the link i posted before. There is everthing a man will need to understand your project. It´s your whole thesis there. From research to your final renders and layouts. Impressive work, published about 2 Month ago. Sadly not in english. Congrats to all the winners. Congrats!
jiffy1987 16:56:58  |  29-10-2013
congratulations guys!ammazing works!
m3dve 17:05:43  |  29-10-2013
Congratulation for the winners & to everybody who were part of this challenge and also have to say many thanks to the Evermotion team for the hard work ;) . ui: I don`t want to start a deep conversation but I think a visualization\cg competition and an architecture competion is not the same :)
logishape 17:15:58  |  29-10-2013
Congratulation to all winners, it was a thrilling experience. Barvo Bartosz.
20:27:39  |  29-10-2013
Congratulations for the winners! Good jobs!
KambiZM 22:02:34  |  29-10-2013
code00 22:03:07  |  29-10-2013
Congratulations guys! Great work Bartosz and congratulation for the 1st place. I must admit i'm suprised i'm in the winner section, because there is so many great works out there. Thank you for the award, i really appreciate it. I'm glad i was a part of this interesting challenge and i hope there will be more. D.
dohkito 23:24:21  |  29-10-2013
great images and imagination from the winners indeed, i especially like the third place, its has something nostalgic about it. CONGRATZ
deshu 23:27:24  |  29-10-2013
Congratulations to the winers! I'm really jealous about you winning the book with Alex Roman sign :) Question to evermotion team: Will all 96 works be gathered somewhere in gallery, for easier displaying than in forums?
deepaks0286 07:14:11  |  30-10-2013
Congratulation to all winners
deepaks0286 07:14:33  |  30-10-2013
Congratulation to all winners gr8 work
rose 07:17:10  |  30-10-2013
my jaw is on the ground!!! WOW!! awesome works all of them...personally love the second winner image......Brilliant master piece!!!
dr_After 09:31:12  |  30-10-2013
Hi! @deshu: we will make gallery of Evermotion Challenge for sure. Don't know if there will be ALL the works, but there will be many of them :)
martta 10:00:08  |  30-10-2013
m3dve: You are right, the visualization\cg competition and an architecture competion is not the same. Our judges had a really big problem to choose the winner, because there were many very good cg works which were out of topic, and very good ideas which was presented not very well. And believe me, they were discussing to the last moment. Now we have a good lesson for the future and we will use it for the next challenge. Thanks!
rawnan 10:45:46  |  30-10-2013
Congratulations to the winners !
m3dve 18:29:26  |  30-10-2013
Hei martta :), I guess it was hard to choose the winner and it doesn`t really matter the position! Its all about fun & experience.. ;) m.
bbbeto182 19:50:42  |  30-10-2013
gigakster 09:24:55  |  05-11-2013
Congratulations to all of participants with the end of the project .. I would not agree with the choice of the third place, as it seems to me, the theme is not quite disclosed .. Will we live in sci-fi buildings, prepare food in fully-automated kitchen or rather hide from radiation in Fallout-style bunkers and ride Mad Max scrap-bikes on Nevada desert?
Shyam8022 07:39:32  |  29-11-2013
congrats Buddies
pinkdreammss 19:50:53  |  20-12-2013
sweet GPU for the first. congratz to all contestants .