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Watch the teaser of “FATE” - upcoming fantasy short animation made by VFX division of Evermotion company.

FATE is produced by Evermotion VFX crew:

  • Producer: Krzysztof M. Kundzicz
  • Executive Producers: Pawel Gajlewicz, Adam Kozlowski
  • Director: Adam Guzowski
  • Scene Assembling: Rafal Waniek
  • Character Artist: Barbara Witkowska, Iwo Widulinski
  • Modeling: Rafal Waniek, Adam Zimirski, Pawel Mierzynski, Barbara Witkowska, Andrzej Augustyniak
  • Animation / Rigging: Kamil Kuklo
  • Shaders: Rafal Waniek, Jakub Dabrowski, Barbara Witkowska
  • FX: Adam Guzowski
  • Lighting / Rendering: Adam Guzowski
  • Composition: Adam Guzowski
  • Concept Arist: Iwo Widulinski
  • Additional Concept Design: Piotr Jablonski, Piotr Makal
  • Programming: Przemyslaw Chren
  • Editing: Adam Janeczko
  • Music: Szymon "EsDwa" Kubas*
  • SFX: Piotr Niedzielski*, Szymon "EsDwa" Kubas*


Evermotion VFX

Evermotion VFX is a visual effects, CG environment and character animation company. We create advertising, entertainment and branded content. Evermotion artists are capable to work on every production stage of cinematic – from pre-visualization, through modeling and animation to postproduction. Our quality was proven by incorporating our staff in many projects. Some of our clients: Al Jazeera, Aggressive TV, Platige Image, Whirlpool, Visual Noise, Vertic, Square Clock. We are based in Bialystok, Poland. More about Evermotion VFX.

Release date: to be announced.

Concept art and screens:

Click on image to enlargeC_01_title_nr_1542.jpg


Click on image to enlargeB_01_title_nr_1537.jpg


Click on image to enlargeA_01_title_nr_1541.jpg


Click on image to enlargeB_02_title_nr_1543.jpg


Click on image to enlargeA_13a_title_nr_1538.jpg


Click on image to enlargeA_08_title_nr_1540.jpg


Click on image to enlargeA_13_title_nr_1539.jpg


Author: Evermotion Editor: Michal Franczak
Tags: fate


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Boris91113:52:45  |  20-05-2014
As good as I was expecting from you.
cgdigi14:21:13  |  20-05-2014
this is pretty cool evermotion team. i think someday you'll be like blur studio. overall its excellent!!! did you use mocap?
15:48:20  |  20-05-2014
can u pls describe your pipeline ???
gilhal16:53:33  |  20-05-2014
great, just great !
ChristopherM22:10:09  |  20-05-2014
Very good! just didnt like all the fog. or perhaps my screen is too gritty and grey hmm :) nevertheless epic ;)
tracer_agw05:51:11  |  21-05-2014
Wow Guys, that looks great. You've certainly come a long way since I first discovered your web site. Nice one.
dirdante07:16:50  |  21-05-2014
Another boring realistic troll/ogre war movie... Very well rendered and powerfull vfx but nothing artistic...
Garcia1310:09:18  |  21-05-2014
Excellent guys!!
sadiquehussain308:17:41  |  15-11-2014
great as all time....!
Unreal201703:04:02  |  23-11-2016
That's what i call state of the art. Please let us buy those character models too.
link.rk0113:29:17  |  07-08-2019
hi very nice game perfesion


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