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    Jun 2008

    3D Max object selecting issue

    Hello everyone!

    I used 3DS Max 2011 for a long time and now I installed the 2013 trial.

    One thing that bothers me:

    In 3ds max 2011, when I press "H" on my keyboard, the list of the objects in my scene pops out. And the newest created object is always on the bottom. Very handy when you don't name your object properly, you always know that the objects in that list are sorted "by date", from the oldest to the newest.

    In 3DS Max 2013, I press "H" on my keyboard and I get the object list, but the objects are sorted by name. Meaning - God knows where in the list is the latest object I created. Very frustrating.

    Anyone knows how to make that list sort the objects 'by date'?

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    Nov 2010

    I'm sure you've probably figured it out already, but if not, see here: https://area.autodesk.com/blogs/maxs...s_were_created
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