A City in a Skyscraper - „Flower of the Desert”

In times like these when natural and artificial deserts constantly grow up and each year more and more people start living in big and polluted cities, away from nature, we should rethink and reinvent the habitats we build.

The idea of the project is the creation of a favorable habitat, suitable for the hardly habitable desert and also for the restoration of man's relationship with nature. Thus, we confront life as it is now in all the "apartments-boxes" in the metropolis.

The project is located between the cities of Dubai and Abu-Dhabi in adjacent to the „Dubai Waterfront” (a mega project still in construction) and the artificial island named „The Palm Jebel Ali”.

The structure of „Flower of the Desert” represents the concept of "City in a Skyscraper". It consists of 16 stories - the so-called "neighborhoods", and accommodates a total of 20,000 permanent residents and up to 200 000 visitors and has all the functions needed to operate like an independent city. Each neighborhood has a terraced building with amphitheatre sloping. Each house has its own patio and is facing the public heart of the borough, which forms an oasis. The open space between any two consecutive levels has a height of approximately 55 m., which guarantees a good lightning. Each floor is connected to the other floors through an enclosed and air-conditioned ramp passage, which is built on the outside of the structure.

The vertical communication between the structural levels is determined by vertical escalators for "Ultra PRT"- Personal Rapid Transport. The Utrra system consists of small, lightweight and emission-free computer-driven electric vehicles running on special-purpose guideways. Due to this kind of transport the passengers can move from "point to point", avoiding the danger of getting into traffic jams and other problems typical for the public transport.
The horizontal communication is determined on two main levels:
- The automated transport (PRT) is inserted in tunnels under the buildings.
- The residents of each borough have access to outdoor walking paths which do not intersect with any vehicle roads, and thus providing comfort and safety for all pedestrians.

Тhe stability of the construction is ensured by 15 huge reinforced concrete columns located on its periphery. They are linked together by reinforced concrete rings. There is a ring around each neighborhood. Any ring has a system of strained carbon ropes. These ropes are going under the bottom of the belonging to this ring borough. In other words, the foundation of each neighborhood lies on a very resistant, tight and fixed carbon net.

On the south side of the skyscraper an additional tense rope construction is built. Upon this additional construction which also serves as a sunshade, there are placed solar panels and wind power generators. On the north side of „Flower of the Desert”, on each floor there are up to four 50-meter rope secured brackets going out of each concrete ring.

The space between any two consecutive structural elements is open, however there is scheduled to be a safety installation with automatic closing, which has to be attached to the periphery of the structure, and whose function is to protect the interior from dust storms, and to provide control over the air drafts that flow through the structure’s higher levels.

There are intended to be more than one skyscraper like this, which should be situated close to each other. Their arrangement is such that it should serve as a sun-shield for the ground between them. This will provide a comfortable microclimate to this area.

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Some WIP:
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*in the preview post I saw that the 2-screen screenshots appear really small, so I am uploading cropped versions too.
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Programs used: AutoCAD 2014; 3DsMax 2012 with V-Ray 2.4 and Multiscatter; Photoshop. Models: Evermotion trees, skyscrapers, people and boats. R&D Group iGrass - grass models.

p.s. That is my architecture graduation project, that I made entirely of my own. The idea and the architectural vision and constructions were the main part here, so I think that I am not all done with the 3D visualization itself. I was really unsure if it will be the right thing to upload it HERE for now (there are many really skillful works here with a lot better and realistic visualizations... - just waiting to see the best ones of them ). Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to everyone!
(sorry for my English - it is not my native language)