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    May 2009

    Far Away From Home

    Hi my Evermotion friends
    Finally after several months of hard work I’ve finished my new artwork. I've done this work for my wife. Her parents live very far in Siberia and to get there she has to do long way and the distance is huge. She miss her parents too much, because she can't visit them often. Probably every one of us had this feeling when you far away from home, family, friends from place where you live and from everything that you love and care about. By this picture I've tried to capture those feelings when you miss everything that you have. A girl standing on a rainy old train station platform brings these feelings when you miss someone, but the rays of the morning sun gives hope that soon you'll be close to everything that you love.
    Final resolution of this image is 15000x6000. Done with 3Ds Max 2012, Vray, After Effect and Photoshop.
    Thanks for watching

    More pictures and info here.

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    Jul 2010

    Hi Andrew..

    I'm really digging this render.
    All those little details, the mood, the light and the textures are matching!

    That's why i vote for a "Best Of"

    Somehow this work reminds me a bit of Marek Denko his works, maybe it's the setting, maybe the details. But i must say this is a truly masterpiece!

    Can is ask you how long you worked on this one?

    Best regards,
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    May 2009


    Many thanks for so kind words!
    I sarted this work half year ago, but I could not touch it for months because of hard work on different commertial projects. But in general, if plus all working days on this work - its about 2 months.
    It's a compliment for me about Marek, becouse he is one of my favorite 3d artist and his artworks are amazing! I love every work that he did. I did not tryed to repeat or to make close to works of any other artist, it's story from real life of my wife. She is from another country, from Russia and every day I see how he miss her mom, dad, brothers and friends who stayed there in Russia and even skype call with all them did not repair her feelings. I clearly remember these morning rainy days when she standing on the platform and waiting for the train of long journey to Siberia that will bring her to close to heart places. In general, I tryed to capture mood of these days, feelings of my wife when I remember these pictures from my mind. I think it's more deep and personal things and Marek has a deep artworks that comes from his life, maybe that is why this work reminds you some of his.

    Many thanks!
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    Jul 2010

    No problem Andrew.

    2 months is good for a personal project with this amount of details and personal feelings.
    I even like this render more, now i know the story behind it. In my opinion every artwork whether it is a drawing or a render, with such a story behind it needs a crown!! I think you did a very good job on projecting your feelings in a artwork.

    Well i'm not saying you copy Marek, but Marek have the same emotions and feelings in his works. That's why this remind me a bit on some of his works!

    Best regards,
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    May 2009

    Yes, I agree with you
    Thanks you once again!
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    Jun 2006

    Have always enjoyed such artworks. All the emotions and depth of the story lies in the details in it.
    Really Inspiring Stuff.
    Thank you for sharing.
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    Feb 2010

    a "Best Of" too great>>>
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    May 2007

    Beyond being a phenomenal render this is a work of art. I absolutely admire someone's ability to bring such a vision to fruition. That wet platform & the derelict bridge boggles the mind. Truly amazing.
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    May 2010

    Congrats on a very good image. Exquisite details all around!
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    Oct 2009

    absolutely 5*
    best of gallery please
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    Jan 2011

    Exceptional. Best of 'Best of'...if that makes sence. Beautifull and moving. Filmick...i.e. like a film.
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    new best choice detected
    amazing work
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    Mar 2007

    ...Aaaand it goes to The Best of Evermotion, congratulations!
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    Dec 2009

    How long did it take you to render this huge size?
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    May 2011

    huge project.congrats.
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    Dec 2009

    Great work man *****...
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    awesome rendering and detailing.....
    3D Rendering, best Architectural visualization, 3d animation services
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    Sep 2009

    Beautiful work.......
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    Jun 2006

    Good to see the post moved to "Best Of"
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    great work sir. inspiring!

    i think she's not heading to somewhere, she's facing the other side of the railway, and it's blocked.
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