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    Sep 2011

    Applying mesh modifiers in Blender addon

    Hi NOX devs! I'm using Blender 2.67; I really like NOX but one thing that prevents me from using it more regularly is the necessity to apply all mesh modifiers before rendering, including subdivision, which can make for a pretty heavy scene in the viewport.

    I'm looking into the code to fix this, which isn't so difficult to understand, but one thing's got me a little stumped. The addon has to calculate the mesh size, but these functions add and subtract what seem to a user like arbitrary numbers. I mean, I'm sure they're absolutely necessary, but I can't read the exported NOX file to see exactly what's being written to the file.

    If someone could help me understand some of the functions in export_nox_scene.py, I'd like to help get mesh modifiers working for export.
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    Sep 2011

    I actually went ahead and tried to wrap my head around this; I started working on it, and I've got mesh modifiers working.

    Now, whether this worked correctly before or not, I don't know, I didn't do enough testing -- but in my edited exporter, dupliobject particle systems aren't exporting with the correct scale. This may have been due to the changes I made...
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    May 2012

    hi can you share how you got this working? i'm on 2.69 with the latest plugin and I still don't see the subsurfs rendered out.


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    Jul 2007

    I just added possibility to render with modifiers without applying them. Check version 0.42.
    This still does not work with modified objects as particles.
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