Im finishing with gettin my video reel 2013 running.
For time beeing i decided to show little part of it in this kiddna of teaser to my reel for year 2013.
Ive just started playing with animation about half a year ago and this is my first complex animation.
Due to really nice feedback (3d recomendation on max3d pl - CGpolish vortal) I want to show it to You guys as well.

Animation is in 1280x720 only due to not enough calculation power yet

There is loads things to improve - like car physics , car damage and wall destruction but i spend so much time I decided to move forward and leave it as it is and use all that i learned in next project.

Anyway , hope you like it.
Only car model isn't mine.

Software: Autodesk 3dsmax 2013 + Vray + AE + couple of plugins

Video 1280x720p


- every code I use for video don't seems to be working , sorry need to use a link instead ...

Higher res shots:


Some extra passes:

Hope You like it and Enjoyed.

My web is still in construction - but you can check me on behance or Facebook till then.

Thanks for watching.