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    CGmtl Video Reel Teaser


    Im finishing with gettin my video reel 2013 running.
    For time beeing i decided to show little part of it in this kiddna of teaser to my reel for year 2013.
    Ive just started playing with animation about half a year ago and this is my first complex animation.
    Due to really nice feedback (3d recomendation on max3d pl - CGpolish vortal) I want to show it to You guys as well.

    Animation is in 1280x720 only due to not enough calculation power yet

    There is loads things to improve - like car physics , car damage and wall destruction but i spend so much time I decided to move forward and leave it as it is and use all that i learned in next project.

    Anyway , hope you like it.
    Only car model isn't mine.

    Software: Autodesk 3dsmax 2013 + Vray + AE + couple of plugins

    Video 1280x720p


    - every code I use for video don't seems to be working , sorry need to use a link instead ...

    Higher res shots:


    Some extra passes:

    Hope You like it and Enjoyed.

    My web is still in construction - but you can check me on behance or Facebook till then.

    Thanks for watching.
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    Looks like fun, but there is no Volkswagen Scirocco with 4x4 or RWD. So the video is impossible, or it's a modded version

    Drifting with front wheel drive is possible, but then you would have to use the handbrakes, which means the rear wheels are blocked and not spinning! Just some car fanatic info
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    I mentioned that I have been lost a bit in physics of a car , that also includes that I forgot some/most cars have front wheel drive Too many new things I had to confront here so its far away from perfect but I hope it's a good start stepping into that kind of projects.
    Good to hear it looks like fun cos Im counting that animation as a fun , more bugs I find now equals less bugs in next project

    Thanks for comment
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    The easier way is to add a tray under each rear wheel :P

    This is why:
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