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    Feb 2006

    Its really a pleasure to read all of your c&c`s guys ! Thanks for your support and kind words.
    As i promised here are some raw renders straight from max.

    As you can see on the exterior shot with the house i did two renderings . I fixed the roof with the snow and some bushes that i thought needed to be fixed.
    I combined the two of them later in photoshop.

    On the landscape image its all about some cloning and curves nothing more where needed.
    I used vray fog as you can see and it gaves me a nice depth to the scene.
    For exterior light i only used one hdri dome.
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    Jan 1970

    its looks very cool man)
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    May 2006

    Thats way I love Sveden Could You tell me wich lamp did You use in the bedroom? I mean two lamps near to bed. How Did You make tracks of animals on the snow?
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    Oct 2008

    great work congratulations
    keep up
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    Sep 2009

    The lighting and composition are wonderful. I really love these images. The only critique I could possibly have is the low hang height of the antler chandelier. I would just see myself leaning over to pick up a drink and stabbing myself in the eye accidentally. Ouch!
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    Jan 2012

    Very well done Dia, congratulation on best of. May you share also the other raw images? Keep up great work.
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    Oct 2008

    Fantastic job!...

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    Oct 2003

    Mr dia,
    first happy to see ur alive and kicking ...congrats for ur Evermotion awards it desserve ur terrific and perfect job !

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    Jul 2010

    These renders rock man! One of the best i've seen lately.

    The exterior renders have a great sence of depth what makes them really nice.
    Good job on that!

    Can you please share some info on how you created the carpet? I really like the outcome of it..and i'm searching for an good way to make such a carpet.

    Thanks in advance and best regards,
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    Feb 2006

    Thanks to all of you ! what can i say iam very happy with all the possitive feedback.

    The two lamps above the bed is just standard lamps nothing special.
    Maybe the chandelier is a little low Roxxxor you right on that. Thanks
    Thanks Erick A long time ago m8 I hope everything with you and your family is good I will be a father soon to Looking forward to this
    koovp: thanks!
    Slamdown : thanks !
    perseverance: Thanks man "
    hemant_832003 : thx !
    JakubCech : thx iam happy you liked my work.
    OporskiArchitektura : thanks!
    brunocs77 : TY!

    I thinking about to doing a small tutorial on this project but iam not sure yet if i have the time.I will let you all know if iam going to do this.

    Micael "DIA" Dillner
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    May 2008

    i am amazed its gr8 man keep it up

    how did you make the carpet on pic no. 7 and that piece on the chair also what tool you used to produce that ?
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    Jun 2008

    Nice work !! .
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    Dec 2006

    Good job! Congrats!!
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    May 2010

    'Whats Up' on the wood jaja
    I'm more impressed by the fur on the chair than the carpet. A tutorial about it would be great!

    Impressive work.
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    Jan 2009

    Nice man! Congrats on the successful work )
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    Apr 2010

    Круто!! Круто!!! Круто!!!!
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    Feb 2006

    Thank you guys ! As i wrote before is that i thinking about to do a making of. Not sure yet but i am thinking about it
    If i am going to do it of please let me know things that you guys would be interested in to have in that making of
    Fur on the chair already listed and the carpet.

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    Nov 2009

    Well I personally would be interested in knowing the snow process and material and modelling & texturing of that fancy fence

    Ofc lighting (specially exterior) and overall workflow is always interesting to know.


    Congratz Dia! Best Of is quite something isn´t it?

    I am happy you finding your style more focused on 3DS max hardcore work rather than photoshop heavy post production.

    ps. Personally i would change the picture thumb of this topic for an exterior image. I don´t think the bedroom reflects your awesome work overall.
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    Feb 2006

    Hi m8 and thx again i´ll take a notice of what you would like to see
    It is This is very nice indeed and iam quite overwhelmed with all the great feedback i have got. This project is also a project that i can feel proud of just not anly for the 3d part but also the design .
    Iam working everyday with images that has alot of photoshop in them so when i do something for myself i want it to be hardcore

    How do i change the image thumb ? i have tried it .
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