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    New feature: Motion Blur

    New feature is coming soon...

    Motion blur.

    A bit of technical stuff... NOX motion blur model is a bit simplified. For advanced movement its path may become not accurate. Why:
    1. Movement is evaluated by analizing current and next frame, so when you make motion blur with duration over one frame, movement is extrapolated only from current and next one.
    2. Movement is kept as rotation and translation - so you can only move and rotate object, also it will have linear speed and constant direction. Movement on a circle can be done by moving pivot/origin and rotating.

    It may look a bit limited in use, but for still images it should be enough. In return MB can be sampled evenly on the whole duration time without making subframes.

    In plugins I made motion blur is turned on in rendering settings. Be sure to set reasonable duration time - which can be shortened in NOX itself.
    You don't have to turn MB on per object - it is autodetected. Camera can also have motion blur.
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    and some samples

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    Hi Zed,

    very cool.
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    And here is my scene. Used Blender and models from our collections to make it.

    Also link to original 4K version:
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    Marchewa rulez! Great job 'wuja'
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