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    Jul 2011

    3ds max 2013 and gpu clock speed bug?

    while im testing between 3ds max 2011 and 3ds max 2013 i found some Interesting things.

    all the testing is on regular directx3d driver mode. not on nitrous realistic mode! tested on 2 system.

    open 3d max 2011 do not do nothing. and when i look the gpu clock speed rise to 700 and go back to 50 mhz because i dont do nothing and its normal and ok.

    now, i close 3ds max 2011 and run the new 3ds max 2013 and look the gpu clock speed and its show 700 mhz end stuck on 700 mhz As long as 3ds max 2013 work Causing the video card heat up and warm up to very high temp.
    all the tests is on empty scene and with directx3d mode. this resoult is the same with all the dirvers mode even with OPENGL mode.

    tested with various software like maya, c4d , modo, none of them make this thing.

    any Ideas why? its a bug that aoutodesk need to know?
    please dont delete this post because this is important to People who want to keep in safe her gpu card.

    my system:
    i7 890

    gpu gtx 460 2 gb

    12 gb memory
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    Jul 2011

    The issue is resolved!!!

    The issue is resolved!!!
    the over heating and clock speed with max 2013 is resolved!
    the cuda option in the gpu controller, if you disable it the temperature and the clock speed is back to normal and cool with max 2013!!
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