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    Mechanical Life - Mariusz Skowroński (skovron)

    Hello everyone.

    To Me Life always associate with motion and mechanical life with attempts to create a small insect-like robots (mostly for the army as spy devices).
    Therefore, I would like to make a dynamic scene, presenting a mini robot in action.
    So here's my concept.
    Attachment 87930
    The dragonfly will be a robot and will chase a bee. I do not know yet whether it will be an artificial bee because I have two ideas and I do not know which one to choose:
    1) "Mechanical combat" - The bee will be mechanical too.
    2) "In chase of real life" - The bee will be natural.

    Maybe You'll have some ideas which concept would be better.
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    Jun 2008

    Here are first screens of the dragonfly model: main body and abdomen (if I spell it correctly).
    Attachment 87979 Attachment 87980 Attachment 87981
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    Jun 2008

    Head model

    Little update. I started modeling the head of the dragonfly.
    Attachment 88265 Attachment 88266 Attachment 88267
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    Jun 2008

    Little progress.
    I started modeling the legs and internal parts of the dragonfly's body.
    Attachment 88706 Attachment 88707 Attachment 88708 Attachment 88709
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    Apr 2011

    Nice modeling Skovron. I love the eyes.
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    Jun 2008

    Unfortunately recently I hadn't enough time for the competition and I had some problems with exporting scenes from Blender so I have to give up.

    Tank You tomerk for Your comment - I'll try to finish at least the dragonfly model after the competition's deadline.

    For all competitors who are still fighting - best of luck to them!
    Thanks and see You next time.
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