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    Apr 2012

    Mechanical Life - Mohammed hesham

    Hi i'm its-Hazardous ( Mohammed hesham ) from deviantart ,

    Once i saw the competition i don't know something attracted me to the idea and i've started at once my modeling through 3ds max with my imagination .

    i'll be very accurate in making details and i hope Nox help me on my final output .

    and there're some WIPs for the modeling ..
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    Apr 2012

    Update: final modeling

    hi ,

    i've finished the modeling for the project , it took about 4 days of modeling
    it's all done in 3ds max 2010 64 bit ..

    the next step im gonna work on NOX renderer materials and see how it works also i'll put another update for it

    really guys i want your critiques in this concept because it took a lot of time modeling it .
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    Apr 2012

    New update

    after 4 days of working on the materials and the lightening studio here'e the result which is showing off the work progress

    things i made : back ground was made in photoshop
    the environment hdri
    sun parameter off
    materials ( gold - glass - water - plastic - emissive )
    render test ..

    the next time i'll put some shots of the final render in 1200x700 resoltuion with extra one in 1920x1080 only for showing the details , have nice day
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