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    Feb 2009

    Dune st.A - UPDATE - tutorials added

    Hi everyone.

    I'd like to share with you a set of images made for a final version of a seaside apartment building designed by Mellon Architekci.

    Please bear in mind that those images were made "in house" as I worked on them in the architectural studio during the design process. So they both served as a tool for checking out all design features and now they are a part of marketing campaign.

    It took the office almost five years of MANY different designs to finally begin building the one you can see here

    During this procees I made numerous views- 30 of them for the final version.

    Based on an Archicad model, most of them took from half a working day to two days to finish.

    Done in 3dmax, vray and a lot of Photoshop

    Looking forward to hearing your opinions.

    PS. You can check out a couple of older versions in my previous posts:

    PS 2. I just added some videos. Check them out!

    PS 3. And another video- making of the seaside sunset view:
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    Sep 2010

    nice work friend, i like the composition, camera angles and the format of the frames, maybe with more high setting could look better

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    Jan 2011

    This looks great. The people are really nicely intergrated into the images. Did you take the photos of the people yourself?
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    Oct 2007

    very nice..........
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    Feb 2009


    Thanks for your comments and for the front page

    Diode- I know, higher settings would give it a better look, but as I said- it was made during design process so it had to be both acurate and fast.
    Workflow was the same for all images- I had to make a fast rendering in max and then use as much time I could to build the climate in Photoshop.

    acand2 - Thank you. Some people where taken from Vyonyx site, some from google, using search words such as: seaside couple, beach people, etc.
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    Nov 2007

    Very nice work. And I too think the way you integrated your entourage is amazing. Best photo integration I've seen in a long time.
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    Feb 2009

    Bertrandb- thank you for your kind words. I humbly bow in your direction in front of my computer now
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    Mar 2008

    very good atmosphere, relax ;]
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    Aug 2005

    very nice ! can you use rpc people ?
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    Feb 2004

    Originally posted by: Bertrandb
    Very nice work. And I too think the way you integrated your entourage is amazing. Best photo integration I've seen in a long time.
    I agree nice work dude!
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    Nov 2010

    amazing job
    i love the integration
    all the model was made in archicad?what models details did you put in max

    i work too in archicad and wanted to know where is you limit in archicad
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    Feb 2009

    Thank you for your compliments.

    pedroarq - Archicad was used to model the building, landscaping and some rough dune terrain using mesh tool. The terrain itself has been modelled again in more detail in max in visible parts when the views were accepted. All other elements, like furniture, curtains, pavement (using floor generator), vegetation, etc. has been added in 3dmax.

    In my opinion Archicad is a great tool for architects - you see your design in 3d all the time during design process. And if you spend time on the model it can be a good start for 3dmax. But if you want to do some close up views of the model or want to enhance it- there are some problems, for example with chamfering, extruding, etc.
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    May 2009

    this is the most realistic work i've ever seen here
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    gr8 work and nice atmosphere i just dont like the trees other its good. people also look gr8 .. keep it up
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    May 2011

    wow nice job, I like the night lighting congratulations
    for your great work ... Best Regards
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    Dec 2010

    Excelente trabajo! saludos
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    Mar 2004

    looks great, the entourage integration is very nice!
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    Oct 2009

    Amazing work !!

    Wish you the best
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    Apr 2010

    very nice...........
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    Feb 2006

    Great work looking really good
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