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    [REQ] Additional Information about NOX

    I came across an announcement on another forum this morning leading me back here. I was keeping an eye on this myself for a while, but grew tired of checking for updates after a year or so of checking about once a week

    In all seriousness, congrats on getting it to public beta! I see some awesome potential in NOX, and if it is alright to say this, my first impression is that it looks a lot like Fryrender (and I assume Maxwell but I have never worked with it myself), which is a complement because I have always thought highly of Fryrender's interface and end-result.

    To keep within the rules of posting on this forum I have a request. I could not find basic information about this renderer, such as where it came from and why, or what the name means. I also did not see any information about future plans aside from the currently unsupported features list. Maybe the front page for NOX could be updated to shed a little light on these topics...or not, maybe your aim is to keep it mysterious.

    Anyways, I am just posting my thoughts while waiting for the ginormous material library to download so that I can begin to play. Hopefully I will have an image to upload before too long!

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    I have the same questions as beestee, some background info would be good. Is it an inhouse project?
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    Only 3DSMax, Blender ?
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    I second Beestee, c'mon guys, shed some light on what is nox, where it came from, its differences/benefits over the others, what to expecte in future updates, etc.

    Keep it up! We can't enough renderers!
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    here a list of what you can do and what isn't supported at the moment
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    For philosophical questions... as far as I remember NOX name was invented by Pendzel, maybe he would say something about his vision. For me it's just a name, good name because nox is also a unit of light.

    Why are we doing it? For me - I just like implementing 3D stuff, it's some kind of passion. I love seeing effects of my work.
    For Evermotion, it would be better to ask Pendzel. I believe it's made for popularisation of Evermotion mark. There are no plans on making NOX commercial project.

    Comparison to other renderers... it's hard to say. As you can see, NOX is not so fast for now. So here it's worse. But hey, we're still going to make it better.
    Functionalities... you already know, that some of them are missing. That's definately has to be done in future releases. Some others works nice and I have already seen that people like NOX postprocessing.
    During development I often work with Zed - main beta tester. He as 3d artist often can tell what would be a great functionality in a renderer. Many NOX approaches to interface or functions are his or good discussed with him ideas. We're going to do our best to make it user-friendly as much as possible.

    As for future. For some time we're going to see a response from you. To see if NOX could be used by more than a few people Then we're going to decide what to do next. A roadmap will be created. Those decisions will be made based on your opinions.
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    First of all thanks a lot for this great tool. I had some time today to test. It's pretty obvious that this tool is artist-driven . Most of the features are self-explanatory and it's really fun playing with them, everything is where it should be. Some things are still missing for me (two-sided materials for example) but it's nonetheless a great tool already.
    Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to get my hands on new releases .
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    Wonderful, and thank you very much!
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    Great project. But there is any chance to get this for Maya?
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    "Nox Free Renderer" what that means? the Final version is going to be free or just the beta ?
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    NOX alway be free - not only beta - enjoy
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    It was discussed and decided that it will be free forever.
    If you are worried, now that we promised it to you, any changes to that would hurt our reputation, wouldn't it?
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    That is a great news

    Respect for Evermotion!!
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