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    Pavel Huerta - Interior Entry - Evermotion competition 2011

    Hi evermotioners...

    I have long time without post something here in evermotion. Here i show to yours my inspiration... As always I like so much work in kitchen interiors and in this case it not be diferent... This interior kitchen is diferent as the older versions done for me long time ago, tryin to do something more fresh and with good color armony...

    For this competition of rendering i will be more focused in the materials, textures, lighting and postwork than to do a complex model for have a chance to do something more realistic and try to do the most evident details on it...

    In next my inspiration place:

    I hope you like it... As soon as possible i will show the model WIP's.

    And best regards...
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    Here the island for have some size reference for the other furnitures and space!!!
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    Here a wip of the cavinets!!!
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    Another Modeling WIP...
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    More progress... Now i have done all the proportions of the interior with the furnitures!!!
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    More details in the modeling over the furnitures!!!
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    Here the Lighting applied to the scene with a light gray material with dirt shader for diffuse for see details and a test render for see the result of the lighting sources!!!

    I will post soon more updates!!!
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    Here another views in clay for have a idea of camera settings and angles!!!
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    Hi another update with textures and some other object added to the scene. All images are without postwork and low settings!!!
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    Ok here the first decoration elements on the scene and i will change some objects why dont like me so much the composity and i will improve more the lighting and materials. Only remaining the lamp over the table, metalic chairs and stoll...

    This are render from vray buffer without postwork and low settings for fast rendering!!!

    Best regards...
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    hey que tal pavel... muy bueno tu trabajo!!!

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    Here the Final Entry...

    Hello to all...

    Here i put my final version of my traditional interior based on a kitchen design.

    Software used: 3dsmax, vray, fusion (color correct and first effects), after effects (final effects) and photoshop (framing).

    Some of the decorative models are from archmodels why i'm little busy and dont have time for modeling that and really want to participate on this competition but all interior space and main furnitures are done by me as too the stool, chairs, lamps and other things!!!

    I hope you like that and best regards...
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    Oct 2003

    really realistic...another good job Mr Pavel !!!! hope u will win
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    Jun 2008

    my best regards pavel! amazing job! its good to know then you was in the competition! good luck!
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    Nov 2009

    My friend, it is very realistic. I like it very mch. Its like photography, very realistic material for metals and aluminium. Best wishes for you
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    Nov 2009

    Can you please tell me , how do you make the material for metals? Thanks in advance
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    Sep 2008

    Amazing images pavel, look like a photo!
    Great use of DoF.

    I hope you win!
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    Thanks friends for you good comments and wishes for me...

    inkimiaei: sure for soon i will post the material settins for the metal materials.

    Marco79: thanks for you comment, the dof was directly from vray camera.

    Best regards!!!
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    Jan 2010

    Hey Pavel...I like you work man...congratulation, the maps work is very very good.
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    Oct 2003

    My talented friend did another great work!
    Congratulations artist, only some saturated colors but is IMHO
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