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    May 2011

    I want to see this when you end it, with the light and textures... everything. It's very cool! Only in viewport, imagine all set! Great.
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    XD ... thanks baby
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    My first render preview (second floor).
    Test of light and materials. I'll make a table decoration, changing some shaders and perhaps the second floor have to get finished today.

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    Sep 2006

    another nice entry.... good luck mate
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    Thanks Ronel.
    I hope I have time to finish everything.
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    Sep 2008

    Nice work Andre, I like the mood of your rendering, the warm colors and the lighting in general.

    Good luck!
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    Final Entry

    Unfortunately my computer couldn't render the image that I made with changes of the second floor.
    I started too late to participate of the Competition and I had no time to sharpen the images, sorry.
    Here are the images that were possible to be done.

    Good luck to all.

    First Floor:

    Second Floor:
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