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    epatripla house

    epatripla house | final images

    original attached images and information at the end of the thread
    good luck to everybody


    hallo everyone
    i am also in...

    this project is not a real one, at least not yet...
    in fact it is not a real building but it is a real project.

    so, i have a friend [a real one] who recently asked me to design his house at the countryside in north greece.
    the house should be really small [ about 50 sqm ] and really low budget [ guess most of you are familiar with the economic crisis in greece ] and also made in such way to block electromagnetic radiation as the project site is close to a radar used by the nearby airport.

    as the site is on a slight slope i designed two versions of concrete houses buried from the one side [ in order to block, in a way, the radiation ] , really similar to each other only with diffrent orientation.

    as long as he wasn't able to choose his version, i took the decision to realize both of them through this competition.

    so, i was looking for a way to connect them morphologically and conceptually.
    the thing is that me and this guy used to skateboard together as young students and always dreamed of a skateramp, a dream never come true as there were no money for such a construction and the local authorities in greece never payed attention to such aspects.

    since architectural visualization is more or less what we dream of, i finally connected the two houses with a concrete miniramp, suposing that the one house is for him and the second one for visitors... like me!

    another aspect of this concept is that this guy is a carpenter so most of the furniture have to be handmade by wood

    below you can see the plans of the houses, reference photos of miniramps founded on the internet and the first model of it.

    this project is dedicated to my friend - i really hope that he's going to make that true since he is about to build it almost by himself...

    good luck to everybody!

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    epatripla house texturing

    think i'm almost done with main texturing...at least for now.

    using 3dsmax and photoshop so far.
    most of the textures are from the cgtextures website and some other free ones modified in most cases.

    gonna go for object modeling, texturing and placing now...

    have a good day!

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    epatripla house objects and light test

    have been making some progress with the shene...

    object modeling is quite simple but i spended some time making a research on grapevines! - [great plant and great product as a result in fact...]

    also made a first camera setup and a light test in order to deal with the vegetation and the concept of the image from now and on...

    here are some pics...

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    Iloved the half pipe idea,... good luck
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    Very nice idea but i should have done something with the windows at the start of the halfpipe . They seems to close to the halfpipe it can be quite dangerous .
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    thanks guys!
    been also thinking about that window, especially if you consider the fact that there is a bed below it!!!
    it will probably be covered with a rack or somethinh like that...
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    epatripla house camera setup - enviroment

    hi guys!
    not many things done since last time but i think it will come up like this
    working on dof and vegetation right now so more images are about to show up during next week!

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    epatripla house new lighting and DOF tests

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    epatripla house almost final scene

    well, almost done with the scene setup
    going for rendering now...

    have a nice day!
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    epatripla house rendering

    these came up last night
    have to decide now which one to develop and use as finals...

    any suggestions?
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    my favorite!!!
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    epatripla house |final - 01

    this is my first final image for my first competition...
    next images along with the project info are about to be uploaded within the next hours!

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    epatripla house |final entry

    these are my final images!

    required information|

    ||softwares used
    3ds max 2011
    vray 2.0
    MultiScatter plug-in
    Asteroid Generator 3.1 [ by Francois Mourlevat, found on scriptspot.com ]
    DAZ Studio 3
    Photoshop CS5
    OpenEXR plug-in

    ||trees are from the xfrog and hq free collections and a couple of them made with onyx tree

    ||textures used
    personal collection and some created especially for this project
    cgtextures modified in most cases
    10ravens textures [ mostly modified ]

    ||thanks evermotion for the organization of the competition

    additional information

    lighting was based on gamma 2.2 theory [ first time for me! ]
    post production was made using openEXR [ amazing things can be done with these files and the vray render elements!!! ]
    i really enjoyed the competition as i tested a lot of new things and techniques mostly found on ronen bekerman website [ really thanks for that! ]

    ||i'll also add the final images on my primary post via imageshack in order everyone can see them [ hope this is alloweded... ]

    ||good luck to everybody and see ya soon in the gallery!
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    very nice work i hope u win. best of luck dear.
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    gianni kali epitixia re file....greatwork!!!!
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