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    I played a bit with color balance in PS on these two possible cameras.

    There are some things i dont like but at the moment i can live with it.

    The marble is less reflective in the 1st one.

    ps. i had to put all imgs of this thread in the attachment thumb because its not permitted to use other sites to upload the wip process. In case you guys wonder.

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    Jacinto, I'm curious, what is it that you don't like about those?

    Wood looks great IMO.

    Little question if you don't mind, as I'm sure you've been in that room many times: how does it feel being there in the event of hard rain? (You know, light and noisewise)

    It's always hard choosing a POV, I'm not sure which one I prefer yet, keep trying, I'm sure you'll find the right one. The one from between the stairs feels strange, narrow, entraped.

    BTW, are those vray plane lights or just a sky HDRI?

    I love to follow your progress, it's such an inspiration for me. So thanks, and keep goin'!
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    Thanks m-arch, your words confort me.

    Im not pleased yet with the walls - will be the next thing. Especcially the shadows of the 1st floor should be a bit darker on the 1st one. Marble need vray dirt of + or - 1,5cm when touching the floor. Thin dirt should be dark green as i observed in the place. Marble needs a very soft orange or even pink, and as mentioned by other member, a little more contrast, and even thin tall failures encraved in the stone. The 2nd img there are coordinate problems in the dark wood present in the doors and piece of the middle - needs bigger texture which i will change soon. The floor wood 2nd floor needs better joints (1st floor already is updated). The lightest wood needs to be less yellowish, more desaturated and more brownie i think, especially when receiving light. And so on. Its never perfect.

    Light is Vray dome with HDRI. There is a low value vray light plane inside the skylight too.

    About the hard rain i dont that noise was a problem because over the first layer of glass theres another invert V on top of it, in the roof. So thats the 1st part of the construction that get hited by the rain and serves a filter of noise i suppose.

    Light is very strong during the day. At fall/ night or rainy days, the artificial light in the skylight is turned on and the light stays uniform and strong.
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    Hi Jacinto,

    Your images are turning pretty nice. Is the wood in the magazines room (2nd floor) correct? In my screen it look's to orange... also in the interior panels of the shelves in the 1st floor.

    Cheers and looking forward to see more,

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    Yeh true, it needs desaturation. Its a problem with the light wood as mentioned above.


    ok updated it.

    Perhaps this wood tone in general looks more siza vieira. Sry for the noise.
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    Nice work so far man!

    Keep it up!!
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    looks very nice keep it up m8. Love all the details .
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    Great work so far pal!!
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    Your test renders could be finals. Very, very good indeed!
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    Hi Jacinto ... I am amazed at the quality of its realism ... is something amazing ... is very photographic ... its best to go onto the wood and Light .. Competition is getting more and more excited ... I'm thinking here as it did for the shots come out with a true likeness of photography ... Great luck
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    Hi Jacinto,

    Last picture is much better color wise. Nice work!

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    Thx all.

    Been away for a while. Its harder to work for the competition during the week since im doing it only during my free time.

    Here´s a window detail.
    It belongs in a space which is almost ready to show and which represents the path to knowledge - to the library.
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    Ok here it is. A big part of the interior path to reach the library is fully modelled.
    Hopefully oneday = animation.

    Posting a sequence of this path.
    Img 1, 5 and 6 will most probably appear in the finals. Fully imgs or just as details.

    Img 1 is normally a space used for expositions. Ive already placed some tables (new model) and for the final img will probably creat some kind of exposition in this space.

    Img 5 - trying to find a good composition with dof for the final. A new furniture (to move books around) can be seen now.

    Img 6 - will probably appear as a detail among others. Dont know yet.

    Sry, walls arent texture yet. Was just modelling modelling and now will focus in composition and texturing.

    In the wire img you can view all the complex. Some things have been already converted to proxy.


    raw renders:
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    Hi Jacinto,

    Nice work here, great modelling and lighting. Img 5 is definitely my favourite . Have you tried a POV from the upper level (in front of the door to the balcony), the opposite from image 6. I liked the axial POV's.
    Congratulations on your work so far and hoping to see the animation!

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    Phenomenal. Would also love to see this in motion.
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    Thkx guys! Animation is just a dream at the moment.

    Koehler, about that POV you´ve mentioned, unfortunatly i dont have that part 100% modelled because i dont have enough references/ photos. Ive modeled the double door, and the window + balcony but the room in that side is very basic - empty. :/
    Do you have references of that?

    When you say you prefer the Axial Pov´s do you mean you prefer them rather than the image nº5?

    Thanks again for the input. Rly important for me.

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    Hi Jacinto,

    I think that image nº5 (my favourite, in my previous post I said nº6 but i misspelled... my mistake) is a great image and POV to show the mood, altough it needs books in the shelves, pens and papers in the tables. The axial pov's bring some "monumentality" and maybe depict better the spatial development and simmetry IMO.
    The POV i suggested is neer that door to the balcony and facing the library entrance. As the triangular structure lowers the most at this point maybe you'll have to try putting the camera on the ground in the 2nd floor. As i remember the tip of the structure is just like the other end at the magazine's room.
    Also the original axial POV from the door between the stairs was great.

    Cheers and hope that I've helped

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    image 5 looks like a winner!
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    Jacinto, the new images are outstanding. I too would love to see an animation some time soon!

    About the POV: to be honest, although I love the new update (nº 5), there's something so powerfull about axial perspective in this space (posts #17 and #21) I just can't quite put my finger on it yet. I know symmetrical viz is usually a no go, but here, well I dunno. This new POV is somehow less overwhelming... Also, I don't think the square format compliments the room in this case.

    My two cents!

    I'll keep thinking about it though.
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    very nice flash light setup
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