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    Jan 2009

    nice models and texturing! I like!
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    Jun 2004

    better and better...good work!
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    Sep 2005

    I have added a new view looking back and I have started working on the interior - most of the main elements are in place so really its just the smaller details now.
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    Nov 2007

    Boy, this is beginning to look spectacular. I wasn't 100 per cent convinced by the daylight renders, and I think you may want to work a little more on your light setup, but these dusk renders are just fantastic. All elements work really well together (although this rake looks pretty enormous - but perhaps it should be).
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    Nov 2009

    Agreed. Very nice/natural dusk images. Are you using onyx tree?

    Good luck.
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    Feb 2007

    I liked more from the last render.One little question:How you did the sand degradation?Thanks.
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    Apr 2011

    This is becoming a great piece. Textures are nice, but im not really sure about the textures on the rubles that are in the middle of the garden. they looks a bit flat to me, but Wow! these are awesome renderings.
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    Oct 2010

    Hey man, great renders. i am waiting the final render.
    I repeat nice renders
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    Mar 2011

    Fantastic work - easily my favourite entry so far!
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    Sep 2005

    Bertrandb: Thanks alot - I'm still coming to terms with how VRay works (colour mapping etc). I seem to have to pump up the images quite alot in post from the raw renders. You are right the rake does look huge but I assure you the rake is normal size - the courtyard is about 24m long. I am currently trying it in a few other locations.

    metrocubicodigital: Cheers, I'm using Exlevel's GrowFX. It's awesome!

    fromvenus: Thanks, I sculpted the sand in ZBrush using a custom made alpha.

    erandhi: Thanks - I assume you mean the rocks. I need to add a bump to these. Hopefully that will add some more texture.

    WARUIKI & Hieru: Cheers - I think I'm about 90% there.

    I have been playing around with the renders in Photoshop and I think this is as good as I can get the daylight render quality. I think all the exterior modelling is done - I just need to make a few props for the interior which will be more visable in the dusk renders.
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    Jun 2010

    Photorealistic renders!!
    Congrats mate
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    Feb 2011

    Great renders...tree color variation is fantastic ..
    Keep it up!!!!
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    Sep 2005

    Final Images

    Here are the final renders:

    They each took between 4 and 7hrs to render @ 3000px wide.
    I used 3dsmax 2011 with VRay 2.0, Zbrush for rocks and sand, Growfx to make the trees and forest pro to distribute them and finally Photoshop for post.

    I found this competition very enjoyable and I will probably make a short animation of this maybe with some interior shots too.

    I hope you like & goodluck to everyone else.
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    Sep 2005

    Some other views

    These are some other views I was working on.
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    Nov 2009

    Amazing work! Many congratulations.

    About the rules, i think you cant post the final submission using another dif site as a host.

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    Feb 2011

    its truly amazing ..
    machine configuration please..
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    Jul 2007

    Hohoho!! Awesome work man!! So much detail! I love the way you have worked wid details like the flowers and the leaves in an earlier render! Very nice man!! And really good lighting and Post production too! Perfect!!
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    Jun 2007

    Nice set of images. Probably a winner!
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    Mar 2009

    really nice ones! congratulations and good luck!
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    Sep 2005

    metrocubicodigital: Thank you and Thank you for bringing the hosting thing to my attention. I logged a question in the rules section about my interpretation on this (this is how I have done in previous evermotion comps) but I have not yet recieved an answer. So I have been scared into re uploading all my images through the Evermotion uploader.

    amritbanerjee, galaites07 & archforms: Thank you so much!
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