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    Originally posted by: Maxmit
    I know u will do the best...
    coz we want to see your final comp....
    You're always here my friend,thank you very much for your words,big hug!

    Originally posted by: steve_cole
    I saw your wip pictures in here, try to use reflect interpolation on your objects it may make your renders faster.

    Hello Steve,How are you?Yes,I've tried all of my options ^^ really slowly,but patience =/

    Originally posted by: j.lennon
    I think he use mental ray, so it's not has interpolation option, doesn't it?

    Hey lennon bro,what's up!!Yes,I'm using Mental Ray renderer =)!

    After hours working on all possible configurations at the scene, I got a better time, I hope to post on Monday all the images ready.

    Thanks again brothers! =)
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    Oct 2009
    #122 nervous.....and hopeful ^^
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    May 2007

    Waiting for the final output it would be thrilling for sure
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    Sep 2008

    I've seen your thread post by post, wip by wip, and you are incredible for the details of modeled objects and for the materials.

    You be a winner! (I hope)
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    Thank you my friend,really apreciated that!

    Big hug and success for all you guys,there's a many nice people and great artist! =)
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    Nov 2009

    It's very nice, but pleaaaasee take the non smoking sign...i Wanna smoke in this cafe while drinking coffee.... good luck man
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    Excellent! Great work A R K A I K O, you do this! Thank you for all comments and nice competition meeting Good luck!
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    Dec 2004

    Great work!! Congrats!!

    ps: I think you must upload your renders in evermotions servers, not imageshack..
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