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    Feb 2011

    Small hotel

    Hi all!
    This is my first work here - small hotel, near lake.

    In work used Max, VRay and little PS
    I'll be glad for C&C

    Architecture bu V.Astrachancheva and I.Drujinina
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    Feb 2011

    Some comments for vis?
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    May 2010

    Very nice work Keep it up
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    May 2010

    regarding the night scene, here are my thoughts

    - lower the overall multiplier of the interior lights
    - desaturate them a bit
    - make the courtains behind the windows more refractive(maybe desaturate the difuse aswell)
    - tweak the main facade material - it looks too reflective in my oppinion (maybe add an actual wood texture rather than plain difuse color)
    - try experimenting a bit with color mapping, the dark colors are too dark and the bright ones are overexposed.

    best of luck
  5. barrlley

    one comment. Why is this on the front page?
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    Jan 2006

    I don't know looks very basic work not looking real looks fake though the day scene is good but the night scene needs work its very bright the mood u wanted to create is not coming must work with ur light more the environmental is too bright with regards to ur interior light lower the intensity of ur exterior light make the interior light to illuminate the surrounding.
    As per me.
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    Dec 2010

    Hey Shulyak,
    I'm glad to see u on frontpage. Very good work. Keep it up.
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    Oct 2009

    Originally posted by: barrlley
    one comment. Why is this on the front page?
    Ah I wonder this too why? eh not a perfect job...... but looks good...
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    Sep 2006

    Not so small to me
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    Jan 2006

    maybe he is a friend of admin ..and may be this is why this post is on the front page..hey admin lets be friends..can i order a drink for you ? ..sorry it was a joke ) good job but night version not good dude..yur nigth lights have problems..
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    Apr 2007

    Hi Nic,
    I'm glad to see you on frontpage.
    Very impressive work.
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    Jul 2005

    sorry, but this forum isnt about people showing their work and asking for opinions on how they can improove it?
    and as far as I know, front page is random... anyway, not too good or photorealistc work shold be visible in front for sure, cos otherwise those who need some help wont have it...

    back to the post, night view is just not working mate, have no deep, and looks like some photocollage from magazines... you should take a better look on how to iluminate night scenes, they can be quite tricky...

    day shot is waay lot better, not photorealistic, but I dont think that was your goal was it?

    keep posting, hope seeing you again on front page.
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    Dec 2009

    very cool render......
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    Nov 2010

    here 2 in 2 equals 200. I respect your art. really.

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