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    Tutorial: exterior lighting with vray and 3ds max


    I was looking for a long time good solution for illuminating exteriors in vray. Sometimes it was better and sometimes worse. Sometimes a component of the scene looked good, but otherwise just came out wrong.

    But in the end I found a way - this is not the world championship, but I have enough for now. I'd like to share it with you, especially with people seeking alternatives to their workflow in external lighting, as well as beginners.

    The scene with 3ds max 2009 vray 1.5 sp2, you can download from the attachment to this post (textures, models, house plants and the lack, but they are all the lights and camera. HDRI or none, so you have to replace them in the material editorze):

    1. The effect of my lighting looks like this (rather poor settings so you can increase subdivs in materials, noise threshold and GI)

    2. General settings for the scene.

    We choose as the image sampler Adaptive DMC - better preserves the quality of textures. Max subdivs to 25, so the picture should remain the focus but also be clear. In addition, will render quite quickly.

    Antyalising is a universal Mitchell.

    Color Intensity mapping is exponential, and the Dark multiplier set to 2.0 - thanks to this, we are going to bright up shadows.

    Affect background - the background is suited to the color and brightness of the models.

    Reduce Saturation of GI and we rise Contrast.

    GI settings are pretty weak, but at exteriors basically do not need better - the differences are not noticeable. So Irradiance map to "low. A Light subdivs cache 600 and four passes.

    The final image, which showed the first was rendered with Noise threshold 0.003, so this setting is better but requires more time to render.

    3. Map of the environment.

    First, we should take a map of environment. It is crucial, because it virtually gives the scene in nature - both illuminates and is visible in the reflections of materials.

    It looks like this:

    It is VRayCompTex - Operator select Add. Thanks to this RGB values of our maps will add. Where a map was dark, the other will add to its value.

    Source A is VRayHDRI. Rising Multiplier makes map more visible.

    Source B is VRaySky. We have to go to the manual of the map, because in our scene we have no VRaySun. Reduce sun intensity multiplier of 0.1. Thanks to this map does not blows all VRayCompTex.

    That map put to the slots as shown below:

    Basically do not have to give is to VRay:: Environment, as already it is in the background, but thanks to this we can always quickly change the values and settings for each place.

    4. VRayLight.

    To add a little shadow that will propagate nicely on the sides and resemble a bit AO, we give a big VRayLighta located as shown below.

    And that's the setting:

    Color should be close to this like looks the background in render - its the dominant color. Multiplier is not too large, so it was not the dominant light.

    Lights in the inside of the house are set similarly, except that the color is yellow and multiplier at the 60.

    You can click Store with irradaiance maps (the result of a lack of noise), but then you would need to adjust the Irr engine better.

    5. VRayPhysicalCamera.

    An important element of lighting is a camera. In this scene we used VRayPhysicalCamera - along with used VRaySky can give good results.

    Here are the settings:

    As a white balance select Daylight: the scene will become with suitable color.

    Since the render came out quite dark, you can reduce the f-number to brighten the scene.

    6. Postproduction

    An important element is the postproduction in exterior lighting.
    This render has been lightened in photoshop by the curves. Sharpened by the sharpen, was superimposed photographic filter (Blue/35%), and (for which you can beat me), the image has been scaled up somewhere about 20%.

    That is pure render:

    (There is no first plan due to lack of RAM I had to render a separate Pass)


    Models of plants / trees from evermotion.

    I hope that this tutorial is useful to someone. If you have any questions, concerns, please contact:

    skype: anosjun
    gg: 8611632
    E-mail: bolitic@wp.pl

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    thanks for taking the time to do this
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    No problem. But well... I just have became happy user of vray 2, so this tut is not up to date
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    really thanks
    really got some things from this tut
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    Thank you very much
    your knowlegde is very helpful to me
    we will have more chances to discuss about this
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    thank somuch great work!!!i think vray2 is too slow and how about you!
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    nice n useful workaround for some cases..thank you..
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    2momododo, multivitamin, nj1983: thanks, I am glad you find it helpful

    mainhe:Thanks. I dont think so: vray 2.0 is even quite faster in my humble opinion
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    hey thanks for the great info. You really put some effect into your post. Im going back to read it again, maybe more. So much good info.
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    10Q So Much Brother..................................
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    Awesome sharing dude, Nice software and I believe that this will be very helpful for me. Because I am going to rebuilt my home.
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    thank you
    thank you
    thank you
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    Nice work but still this setting take very much time to render....can any one tell me about the rendering setting in interior i am new to this field....
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    muy buen tutorial, gracias por los parametros, de casualidad podrias subir algun parametro para exteriores de dia? gracias
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    Thank you very much. That was wonderful.
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