Ok, my mistake, I submitted a post and my slow internet wouldnt let me upload my pics!! So I have all my WIPs and the final in one go.

My concept was to portray the beautiful AAndres furniture in a place that it would not usually be found to contrast its luxurious finishes with the surroundings but also to make a statement of its quality and strength. The concept was also strongly influenced by the ONE GOAL campaign. This campaign is a call to ensure that no child is without an education wherever they are in the world and whatever their circumstances.

To do this I designed a container system that is easy to construct and is based on the same modular system as the AAndres units within it. Once constructed the furniture fits right in (taking into account the size of the small legs on the shelving units).

These containers are used as 'learning boxes' which are filled with books and supplies and donated to places that need them. This scene is meant to portray the boxes located in a small informal settlement. I am very aware that this is the last place that you would see AAndres awesome furniture, but its for a good cause! I hope you like the render.