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    May 2007

    nice works as always Radic....good luck to u bro
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    Jun 2007

    This is my final entry. I agree that the drape on the floor was a bit too much. it was such a strong gesture. i changed it to amuch more subtile version i hope you prefer this one. i surely do to the previous one.

    No reference image used for this one, the concept is my idea and it came up as something like this:

    i wanted to create a space thats old and modern at the same time. Rusted but still elegant and neat. Random and in order. The warm tones of the artificial light and the bluish colors of diffuse light. in my mind this apartment is in paris somewhere in the 7th or 6th district.

    the composition is working on the same analogy. couldn't say if its a random shot or a perfectly set camera angle. The view would want to open to all directions.would like to see more of the ceiling and the ornaments. would like to check in the room what is going on there. would like to look to the left to see where the drape just rolled out. while the attention is ultimately driven towards the right by the strong diffuse light falling on the vivid and hectic shelves.
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    well done viktor! great image, the drape is obviously a lil distracting... but quality of work is to a great standard!

    I see how you made the shadows behind the books and items more blue however it makes the black items on the shelves stick out a little, but thats just something i felt..

    overall great work!

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    May 2010

    Thank you for this very different entry. I like the final concept. Do you have time to update the credit line to the latest version, design as in this sample:

    This helps us a lot and also makes it easier to give YOU credit when we publish this pictures online or in the planned book.?
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