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    Oct 2004

    The Red Giant

    Hi all,
    this is a rendering for Sardonic Studio's latest work, "Arrubiu, The Red Giant". Is the reconstruction hypothesis of an ancient building (XVI-XII sec. B.C.) of our island, Sardinia (Italy). Our work was to validate the archaeological thesys about the structure with the contribution of 3D technologies and produce a real time scene of the building and some photorealistic renders for the museum, a full cg trailer and a documentary.
    special thx for Giorgio, Lucia, Massimo, Daniele, Andrea and all Sardonic members

    Done with 3dsmax, maya, vray and vrayscatter.
    original res 6400x3050

    Full Cg and Documentary Trailer

    Real time screenshots

    Sardonic Studio


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    Oct 2004

    just some screenshot:

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    Jan 2007

    amazing vegetation work!
    did you use particle systems or just v-ray proxys?
    and a very dull question: how do you do the birds flaying?
    Did you use evermotion trees?
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    beautiful job man! specially the modeling
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    Dec 2004

    Great work Giannis!! I love the mood and the vegetation!! Congrats!
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    Sep 2009

    thats just amazing man.. thanks for additional screens..
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    Feb 2007

    well done gerets.

    I like it allot.

    Just for curiosity... what was the RAM use ?
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    May 2007

    very nice and impressive work gerets....
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    Feb 2010

    that must be the new multyscatter plugin, can tell more about plants , what kind are they , are they also from 3d rendering Icube or tehy are custom made . And can you explain the mapping of the ground pls.... great work !!
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    Dec 2008

    looking very very cool!
    Impressive work!
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    how did u scatter those trees and stone?plugin?or default?
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    Oct 2004

    Thx Guys!

    Pabloazulito: I have used vrayscatter for distribution proxy...the birds are 3d dosch models.

    correntes: 12gb ram and I have had to divide the scene in two parts for the renders: up and down.

    Arh.Alexndr: the plants are evermotion n 52 or 58 (1,5mil poly X 6000 proxy), but only two models with vrayscatter texture for difference color. Other vegetation with xfrog and onyxgrass. For the mapping ground I ve used a texture made by me with real site photo ( top with aerostatic ball).

    rohitarora: I ve used "farragerets" technique for distribution stone and mapping of the red eh... some screenshot will explain all (later).
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    Originally posted by: gerets
    Thx Guys!

    ....rohitarora: I ve used "farragerets" technique for distribution stone and mapping of the red eh... some screenshot will explain all (later).
    uhahahahahah... obviously "farragerets" is a trademark of sardonic studio!
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    Jun 2004

    Impressive work gerets!
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    Jun 2010

    Wow fantastic stuff. Did archaeology at university so using 3D for this sort of stuff really appeals to me.

    How did you do the stone walls - with geometry or with a texture and V-ray displacement? Thanks!
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    Jun 2010

    Really nice modeling and I like the illumination..

    However it is less pleasant to watch, because of overused sharpness effect, the image is so crispy that it doest give it a chance..
    Some post work could increase the final result of the BG you go far away even with the bright sky like this, you usually loose color..
    In your case all the perspective is the same...I really don't see any color transition from FG to BG...

    Of course some glow from the sky could add more smoothness to the horizon just cuts the image in half so ruffly

    Anyway good job! really massive production..
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    Sep 2009

    love your lighting & tree

    good lanscap 3d.
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    Oct 2004

    ...thousand years after… begin the cultivations

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    Oct 2004

    X CherryPicker: stone only geometry.

    XVrayGuide: oh yes but...I dont like to make postwork a lot...I have tried to make something with vray fog but the ram was out and the time was finish!!!
    thx again
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    Oct 2004

    I ve created one tile 3d texture and with this object I ve traced the main shape of the construction(with ffd, bend and taper)...I have made all the important particular, like openings and incomes with reference photo and with unwrap uvw.... I have moved the mappings in order to avoid the repetition of 3d the texture... this technique is called farragerets... eh... sardonic studios trademark

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