1. ozs

    ozs - First Evermotion Competition - AAndres

    this is the final render
    was a fun contest where I learned some things I did not know, thanks to AAndres Evermotion and for providing the opportunity to participate.

    to do my scene and the final render and used 3ds max 2009, VRAY 1.5 sp2 and Corel PhotoPaint


    3ddd.ru 3d models
    Evermotion free sample models
    Maxwell render Resources

    my computer i thanked to me that the contest is over hehe I have a pentium 4 3.06 GHz and 2GB of ram so could not do a very complicated scene

    i seen very good work that seem real and not a render, good luck everyone
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  2. ozs

    i think in this configuration, only need to decide the color
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    May 2010

    The color is PERFECT!
  4. ozs

    WIP Not long now for the final render

    a question, I can participate with other different scene?
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    You had one of the most attractive color schemes in this competition and you changed THAT?!
  6. ozs

    I'm experimenting with colors
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    Please make sure you use the credit line "EVERMOTION & AAndres rendering competition 2010 final entry ... full name", design as in this sample:


    This helps us a lot and also makes it easier to give YOU credit when we publish this pictures online or in the planned book.
  8. ozs

    reread the rules do not allow multiple entries :S
  9. ozs

    My scene is a simple room with little furniture as seen.
    some models are 3d evermotion free samples as the briefcase and plants
    the books are mine, with some textures, others i download.

    take the idea of the chair made with recycled wood from a photo I saw on internet.

    I have experienced with some furniture and materials in the walls but in the end and used some not.

    this has been a bit difficult because I had never participated in any contest so and had some problems lol

    Tomorrow I hope to have the final render
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