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    Dec 2004

    One of the best for sure!! You did amazing work pal!! Good luck!
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    Nov 2007


    Thanks Annkos..Great entry from you as well. Are you able to finish it? I hope you can..Goodluck my friend..

    @Darkblood-Please visit the first page. I mentioned all the specs and software used including polygon count.Surprisingly no proxy in these scenes.Thanks!
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    Aug 2008

    Wow! one of the best! Really amazing details! I love how you put so much switzerland information into this.... good luck ;-)
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    Nov 2007

    Originally posted by: arkz01
    Wow! one of the best! Really amazing details! I love how you put so much switzerland information into this.... good luck ;-)
    Hahaha !THanks mate! At some point i thought about it.But its a Swiss product so i guess its ok. Goodluck to you too and you also did a great job!!Thanks for dropping by.
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    May 2010

    Some go the extra mile...

    That could be my private library, you have all the nice stuff I need in there! I like the strong shelf colors giving a great rhythm to the scene. Thank you for this amazing entry.
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    Feb 2010


    Very cool!!! Can you give me your email adress? I have got one question.
    Great thanks: T.M.
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    May 2007

    Great great final images you didnt disappoint im so glad to see them finally i also like how you used the colours of the shelves great entry i hope you do great in this competition u deserve it
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    Jun 2004

    Congratulations in Advance Jeff...I know you 'will made' it!

    All the best!
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    Feb 2007

    Well one of the best for sure.

    One small critic, and just a personal opinion:

    You obviously have the skill... but when i look at this images i see too much things going on at the same time, as it was almost a skill showdown. Remind me some interview with James Hetfield from Mettalica when once he said that they started to reduce the guitar solos because they were turning like a guitar skill demonstration and the fans were getting bored in concerts.

    I would love to see simple images with far less elements going on. Simplicity don't mean "low or none complexity". Actually sometimes the simpler scenes are the most complex. I think that he work of Jorge Seva or Jesus Selvera for instance are good example of that.

    Don't get me wrong, i find your work wonderful, just a little bit excessive.
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    Nov 2007

    @Aandres-My pleasure andy.Thanks for this fun contest.

    @Madve- Thanks pal! You can send me your question thru evermotion personal message,ill be happy to answer your queries.Thanks again for dropping by.

    @Dohkito-thanks man!i actually wanna thank you for giving me the idea of two tone shelves.I think it works!!Thanks for that.Glad that you like it.Cheers!

    @Kurdaps-thanks chief!!

    @Correntes-its totally understandable.Thanks for broughting it up! I know exactly what you mean.In Archviz, its really hard to achieve a simple scene yet so deep and complex. I really admired Jorge and Jesus including Marek as well cause they can really do it perfectly. Im trying, but most of time, there are lot things running thru my head that i cant simply express with simple composition.
    Id seen that interview too with James Hetfield. My uncle was a big fan of them! Anyway thanks so much mate for dropping by some crit.Really appreciate it. Next time im hoping to do better. Goodluck to your entry too.You did Great!!
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    Nov 2007

    Here are some more images i did during the wip. I just browsing my archives folder and saw them. These are the possible POVs that im supposed to work on but i found them too detailed and close ups.But anyway just did some post work and here they are.Again thanks for viewing and GOODLUCK everyone!!
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    Some of the book bindings look backwards, but this is a great entry nevertheless. Good luck!
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