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    Jan 2008

    great render, congratulations
  2. barrlley

    Originally posted by: bowlofcorn
    Faking reality is what archvis is all about.
    Only if you lack creativity.
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    Jan 1970

    I bow to your awsomeness.
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    Apr 2008

    Very Brilliant Work & Visualization..Your work is Impressive..
    And about faking reality in Architectural renderings I think that most Render engines on the Market are willing to do that ( Vray..Brazil..Mental Ray ) by correctly calculating the Lights and Material Properties..but that is only one way of seeing it..
    I mean the CG Artist should has his style and his way of doing his renderings..Like Radic for example and Alex Roman..They are very Creative..
    There are different kinds of Visualization can be done digitally By Computer like what I can call it Conceptual renderings and Sketchy Designs..
    To Mimic the True Nature is a great thing but do it on your Style..Make it look nice..
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    Mar 2010

    awesome work..even better in the insides
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    Nov 2008

    Good work but not as good as your previous post.
    Barrley who are your favourite architects ?
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    Nov 2004

    Very good job Bertrandb but we just can expect the best from you

    One question: don´t you have problems with max 2010. I used it in past but when i merge objcts, cars, etc, that are textured, in max 2010 miss the link to every texture of the merged object. Do you know why?

    sorry my bad english
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    Oct 2009

    really hot... I adore the concrete
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    Nov 2007

    Thanks a lot for the kind words and for the constructive comments, guys. I may revisit this piece after adding some proper furnishing scheme (the current one is rather random last minute stuff). In that case, I'll take the advice from Barrley and others on board.
    Ivo: The settings are roughly the same as for the Ponce house, though they vary a little from render to render. There must be something wrong with this scene though as the images took quite a lot longer than they should have to render. Another thing that needs fixing, even though it doesn't show in the final images.
    And of course, thanks to Evermotion for the front page plug. Much appreciated.
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    May 2010

    impressive this mood im looking for.very very nice..thanks for sharing...
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    Jun 2008

    can you tell me how and what spec about your computer? you use i7?how about your RAM and VGA card?..i will be waiting
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    Sep 2009

    wow!!!!!! impressive images!!!
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    Sep 2007

    Not bad, not bad at all, but your GH House was A LOT better. Sharper images, less noise, warmer mood... but it's still good.

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    Oct 2009

    Very good work! i feel very comfortable. support!
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    Apr 2009

    nice images... i think some CA are too over
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    Feb 2010

    Great the night shot. Post more.
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    Sep 2009

    what do you have used for sky and reflection? is an hdri? where i can find such quality hdri sky? awesome work, my compliments!
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    Jan 2005

    anyone finds any mistake: maybe so, but compared to the visual appeal of your images such errors become negligible compared to the look of the whole thing
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    May 2010

    Originally posted by: barrlley
    Only if you lack creativity.
    Rob, you work in archvis @ - I've seen your work, you do it as well. So cut the BS.
  20. barrlley

    Originally posted by: bowlofcorn
    Rob, you work in archvis @ - I've seen your work, you do it as well. So cut the BS.
    Number 1: My work is not the topic of discussion. In fact, it never is. So why do you feel the need to turn the conversation in that direction with every single post? It seems you have a bit of a personal problem with me-which is odd because we don't actually know each other.

    Number 2: I never once said my work was better or worse than anyone else around here, I merely make observations, and then people can choose to listen or not. That's how adults behave, they give feedback, and move forward. I'm fairly certain nobody cares what you think about my work in regards to their work. You seem to be stuck in a loop of talking about me.

    Number 3: If you think telling people to look at the work from the company that employs me is somehow a bad thing, or some big coup, you're wrong.

    Number 4: To assume the work of a company is the work of one person, alone, its naive at best.

    Number 5: At least there is work to be shown and discussed, we have yet to see anything other than snide comments by you.

    Now get on with the thread, or talk with me privately if you have something personal you want to discuss, but I have a feeling you actually don't have anything to say, at least in regard to the threads you are posting in.
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