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    Apr 2010

    hi evermotion, thank you for selecting my entry as one of the runner-ups, it's an honor to have been picked amongst so many good images. congrats to all the winners, and good luck to everyone in the online vote.

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    Mar 2007

    logesh_v - yes you can post your works everywhere now

    the info about the blank line was in the main rules on the compatition page, all of you have red the rules before posting (At least I hope you did) and if you took part in this competition you are agree to all the points. The winners has been anounced and period!!!

    The winners would be the same even if some of you have not forgoten to add a the black info line or something else. From judges point of view these works were the best, if some of you do not agree with it then I'm sorry but thats the way life is.

    I'm must say our web master has missed some of your works when adding links to online voting, we will fix this asap and change the voting deadline if necessary.

    I must also say that it was not easy to choose the winners most of the posted works are very good. Better luck next time
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    Oct 2004

    for me:

    1st vote 4,5/10
    2st vote 7,5/10
    3st vote 4/10

    zancanaro vote 8/10
    xsekox vote 8/10
    correntes vote 8/10

    this is my little opinion.

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    Feb 2007


    First, I'm honored about been chosen as a runner up. (too bad i didn't make it to the podium, but is life, maybe next time.)

    Second, thanks for the words gerets, mean allot to me to get such words from a CG artist like you.

    Third, i concord with inkimiaei. The jury panel should have CG Masters, Photographers, Architects and Designers. That way ill guess that things would be much more fair.

    Fourth, from now on, the winners should have some kind of point system covering modeling, design, lightning, materials, composition. That way every one understands the critters.

    Last word for every one that didn't put the line specified by Evermotion...
    c'mon guys, this is INTERNET but thats how the things are in real life. If you don't respect the rules you are excluded form the game. Or do you real believe that in some other competition you would get advised by the jury "look son... you don't have the line, that way you don't participate...." For some reason 90% of the participants had the line in their works thats how things are period. Sorry if i sound rude that's not what i want.

    Well, ill be waiting for the next competition, its very stimulating and good to portfolio too

    Cya guys
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    May 2007

    i have to agree with correntes about the point system and i was also very disappointed not to see correntes work amont frist o second place as an architect i can really appreciate his work and this was an archviz competition after all, any was congratz to everyone and i hope theres another competition soon.
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    Aug 2006

    Something is going wrong with voting................
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    May 2009

    It seems strange to me - my votes were coming progressively, there were no sudden boosts in it, but the votes of f_tabanadeh suddenly rised in just 2,5 days and when he finally got the jump of about 120 votes they stopped on coming. When I had started to catch up, his votes also started to rise.. This does not seem normal to me.
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    Oct 2004

    with max respect...ohadac and f_tabande your works are ridicules for win.
    I find very strange for both
    Last edited by gerets; 2010-05-17 at 12:35 PM.
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    Aug 2007

    well my friends

    i'm so surprised too
    i really could not imagine it
    but if you know iranians well you wouldn't be surprised

    the most important thing that iranians have is their culture and history
    but i didn't expect to achieve this support

    but believe me
    there is no cheat or IP changing or any thing else

    its just the people coming to vote !
    and also there is nothing that i can do

    good luck !
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    Aug 2008

    This competition was a joke! FIRSTLY : Was this an Interior Design competition??? Or create ANY INTERIOR SCENE, because I think you should have titled this : CREATE ANY INTERIOR SCENE COMPETITION, im not annoyed I didnt win anything, because there were much better entries, but all the good entries didnt even win???? and the user votes final result? the church with multi-coloured windows?? are you serious?

    Im quite disappointed with overall results of this whole competition
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    Aug 2006

    Sorry Evermotion Team.....But next time I'll never ever take part in any of your competitiopn......Its not because I didn't win...but its just because.....The winners don't deserve it...beleive me...from my professional experience...if you show such kind of images...client will not pay you any thing...or even evermotion Archinteriors will make such kind of scenes.....No body will even purchase it....
    Sorry If u feel i m rude....
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    Aug 2008

    its still bugging me aswell....this was an interior design competition.....not a make a monuments interior or polly moddelling comp.
    first place has nothing to do with interior design, 2nd is what 18th century..not what i call interior design more architecture, 3rd is over the top modeling skills but ugly sry, rennerup 1 is just an interior no design elements, runnerup 2nd is simply architecture at its finest( not interior design and same for the 3rd runnerup), 4th place once again is nice but 200 years+... its just doesnt fall into what would today be viewed as interior design...

    it would have been better to call this an interior (modeling and rendering) competition. many ppl would have made something else.

    people like d.pac and gerets are what i would have considered contenders for the top,
    but since we were not informed of what was to be expected by you and your moderators/jury, i can only accept that the winners won on the basses of what you were looking for in this competition.

    so next time make your competition guidelines less vast, provide us with reference images and/or a base scene.

    i hope to partake in the competitions in the near future, and mabye make something that will let me win.

    one quick thing the top 5 on the users votes are (word), they do in no way trully show our opinions (or skills). and how did 2nd place winner also get entered into the user vote he was 5th there...he should have been removed.
    Last edited by; 2010-05-17 at 11:45 PM.
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    Apr 2007

    man, I'm sorry about this, but I'm really tired reading all these comments about the winners. At least I'm going to speak for myself.

    Point number 2 in the rules:
    The subject of this competition is interior visualization - existing or your own design

    I don't know about you guys but I understood from the beginning that I can do whatever interior I want because is not a "INTERIOR DESIGN" COMPETITION, is a "INTERIOR VISUALIZATION" competition, and I can "visualize" whatever I wanted and I chose The Mosque.

    This is the first time I win something and everybody is complaining about my work because it doesn't deserve to be the winner, if the judges picked it for the first place is because something, don't you agree?. I didn't do anything "out of the rules" and I'm really proud of myself to be the first place, and of course some of the other participants deserved too.

    I don't know about you guys, but I already participated in other competitions, I didn't win anything and I didn't complain or anything like that.

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    Mar 2007

    arkz01 - did you read the rules?? I think not

    2. The subject of this competition is interior visualization - existing or your own design. you have totaly free hand what type of interior you want to do.
    Besides the cg skils there is a bit of reading skills needed. And yes it was a CREATE ANY INTERIOR SCENE COMPETITION. There was about 10 posts asking if people can do any type of interior and the answer was always the same YES!!!

    Regarding the user votes final result, It was the users choice and we can not do anything about it.

    sajid mumtaz raza - we also have a profesional expierence and we do and see visualization every day, these scenes was not made for a client or for money, we are tired of seeing almost identical visualizations of interiors everyday at work. The winners has been chosen because we like their works the most. This is only our opinion and you can not agree with it of course, but sorry to say this but this is our competition and we are the jury here ...make your own competition and you can choose your own winners.
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    thanks for the reply edi_w,

    And to 3dluis -

    No one is saying your entry was rubbish or complaining about your visual, it is great and an amazing visual, I think we all agree and evermotion owners chose your entry because, YES, it is a great interior visualisation regardless of what it is....


    I think the frustration is that we all didnt read the rules properly or that the design brief = 'Interior design competition' - the title of the forum - and also the link on the front page, so I guess I just read this and assumed = 'interior design competition' = chairs, sofas, stairs, interior design elements

    I also didn't account that this forum sees 100 'same old' interior design visuals everyday so creating another interior design visual would not win as they are seeking something extraordinary interior visual = mosque, large ancient interior.

    I think its been another great educational experience contributing towards a competition and thank you for the competition itself as it has been an opportunity to be part of something
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