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    Mar 2007

    Rules & Guidelines

    Welcome to the Evermotion interior design competition. Your goal is to create an interior scene - existing or your own design.

    Rules & Guidelines

    1. Duration of the challenge

    Commencing - Monday 1th March 2010
    Finishing on - Friday 30th April 2010

    2. The subject of this competition is interior visualization - existing or your own design

    3. Each challenger is required to submit Work In Progress (WIP) images.

    4. You are encouraged to post on the Challenge forum as many WIP images as you can. The minimum requirement is to submit an image for each of these milestones – Concept Sketch or reference photo, Modeling, Texturing, Lighting and Rendering Post Effects and Composting, Final Image.

    5. Enter the Challenge by registering yourself on evermotion forum :

    6. Post your wips by making a new thread in CHALANGES, Interior design competitions section : LINK

    7. You can use every 3D software you want, post processing inside photoshop or other 2D software are allowed.

    8. multiple entries are not allowed but you can post up to three different camera angles for one scene (closeups for example)

    9. The work you submit to this Challenge must be your own personal works, groups and companies are not allowed.

    10. Hosting WIP images on other servers then evermotion is not allowed

    11. Hosting final entries on other servers then evermotion is allowed

    12. Using of premade models is allowed

    13.Using licensed models and textures is allowed but you must credit everything you use.

    14. Submit your final entry before the close of the challenge (to avoid the last-minute rush - get your entry in early).

    15. All winners are required to be available to write 'making of' articles accompanied with high-resolution Work In Progress stills, to be eligible for prizes.

    16. Final submission resolution should be not lower then 1200px in the longest edge

    17. Final submission should have attached this blank info line:

    18. 3 winners will be chosen by Judge team. You can find their names on the bottom of this site.

    20. One additional winer will be chosen by users through an online voting.
    21. Final images submitted after 30 April 2010 will not participate in the judging stage.

    22. To be qualified WIP (Work In Progress) images must have been submitted during the Challenge.

    23. Employees of sponsors cannot enter this challenge.

    24. Any imaging deemed to contain content that depicts explicit acts that are overtly violent, sexual, cruel or brutal will be disqualified.

    25. You must not publish the work during the Challenge outside the dedicated forum, you can link to it if you like.

    26. If you win a prize in a form of software (Vray, vue or evermotion dvds ) you need to fallow the software purchase license and will be unable to sell it or give away.

    27. The sponsors of this Challenge may use short-listed and winning artwork for marketing purposes in the context of the Challenge.

    28. The sponsors agree to clearly credit the artist if any of his artwork is used.

    29. No artwork will be used in any media without clear credit being given to the artist.

    30. Artists may to use the images created for personal promotion.

    GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL and if you have any questions just write them here.
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    Jun 2006

    finally yeeees I'm in
  3. #3

    i waiting this for a long time...
  4. #4

    excellent!!!! interior interior!!!
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    Jan 1970

    Really looking forward to this competition and all the great entries!
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    Oct 2009

    I waited a year for this ¡¡¡¡¡
  7. #7

    wo wo wo, i was waiting for it from a long time now.
  8. #8

    Me too!

    At last!......
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    Mar 2010

    I'm in.....finally an interesting competition
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    Sep 2008

    My first post and my first competition
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    Feb 2010

    I have questions - you has written an interior scene and this should include a couple of rooms or just one room ? And about rules ... you didn't defined until when we have to post our WIP's , because last time there were a couple of guys which posted WIP images in the day before the deadline , and one of them even took award , I mean it's not fair .... And can you mention the main points which will be judged as criterion in our future interior (original design, lighting, materials, camera position ) ?

    Good luck to all and 10x in advance
    A L E X
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    Feb 2010

    I also thing that you should give as space where to create interior , to start all from one point and to see how everyone see that space aranged by our point of view .... cause now everyone will post finished interiors or just upgraded them a little .... can you still change this condition ?
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    Mar 2007

    Ok, I'll try too.
    Don't kill me for the result :P !
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    Nov 2005

    I never did a competition.. So this will be my first one.. I am in
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    Oct 2003

    At last, an interior design competition ... I like it. I pointed out.
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    Aug 2008

    glad to see people are already prepared! this is exciting..

    so we are required to design and visualise an interior scene... there's soo many possibilities!! Where to start?
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    Sep 2004

    I guess this will be the ultimate competition... ;P
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    Oct 2009

    lloking forward to it !!
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    Jan 2010

    I have some question:
    1. Can i work with mental ray?
    2. "2. The subject of this competition is interior visualization - existing or your own
    So i can do existing but not my project or the design should be mine?
    3. Location attendees' data does not matter? if I'm from Ukraine, I can take part?
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    Apr 2004

    Interior design competition

    I also am in this competition.

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