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    how to make your 3dsmax viewports steroscopic.. Amazing and simple

    I've been messing recently on the web about viewing pictures and movies in 3D on your computer screen...and I found out a technique called "cross eyed" ......well to view a 3D image in general...all you need is to simulate what happens in real viewing , on a screen..so what happens in real view is that each eye is viewing a different image with a slight difference in position. so that's what we need to simulate on a screen...give each eye a separate image....there is different ways to separate those two images that is displayed on the same screen..one of those easy ways is the "cross eyed technique"....

    to do this..you need two images captured in two positions that equals the position each eye would have seen in real viewing..in other means..after you take the first picture, move about 20-30 cm to the left or right and capture another image...now you have 2 images, if you line them up next to each other, in an opposite way to how you captured them. so the left image, should be placed on the right, and the right image should be placed on the left this could be done using Photoshop...then view them on a full screen....here come the hard part....stair on the two images, and cross your eyes till you line up 3 images in front of you....you won't get them focused in the beginning ..but after a while your eyes will get them on focus....and you will see an amazing 3D image....it's kind of hard to focus on it...but the more you practice....it'll be as easy as regular viewing....try this one

    here come the amazing part, you could do this on 3Dsmax view port......you could actually work on 3Dsmax while view the viewports in 3D..or u can even render your movies or images in 3D.

    on your regular scene, create two cameras(C1, C2) on the same height , with the same angles, just place them next to each other, with a spacing of 25cm between them, then link camera 2 to camera 1

    now split your view port into two vertical equal ports...apply camera 1 to the right view port, and camera 2 to the left viewport...

    no all u need to do is to stare at the screen ..cross your eyes as if your looking at a virtual point placed between your face and the screen....while doing so u will start to see 4 blurred images, try to overlap the two middle images on each other till u see just 3 images...once u done it....concentrate and wait till u get the middle image focused...this image should be in 3d
    once you got used to it...u can use the walk through tool on camera 1, since camera 2 is linked to camera one..they'll move together.....so now you are walking in your view port as if you r really there..

    don't do this for a long time..cause it's going to cause headache
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    well this is nothing new and pretty useless. also what makes you call this "4D"? how is the fourth dimention (time) involved here??? this is regular 3D, nothing more.
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    this is nothing new, indeed, but if you look at those images the proper way, you will see some real 3D, not just a drawing, as seen at a 3d cinema.
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    target the two cams to the same spot

    Its a pretty good and simple technique. If I may, i think it's better to make the cameras heading to the same target, few meters away. It repreduces the orientation of human eyes, heading to the same spot. And reduces the headache risk ... (sorry for my english, i'm french)
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    well its great that you guys know this idea...but there is others that never heared about it.......thous whom i'm posting for......
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    Originally posted by: randomrussiandude
    well this is nothing new and pretty useless. .
    this is a fourm...to descuse new ideas and talk about in a polite manner....if your r very smart...that dosent make others point of view "USLESS"
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    well..I am very happy to find you in here..I know that u are Excellent in visualizing 3d Architecture..So let us see you posting some..
    I am Mohammad Rashad by the way if you remember & check my work in here because i would need your critics..
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    What is this Circus.
    Indeed some of you guys need a good manners
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