Awakening is a powerful, fast, lightweight, and easy-to-use realtime 3D solution. With it, you can easily create eye-catching interactive 3D presentations, brief films, games...

Awakening 3D solution includes three modules: Scene Editor ( Awakening.exe ), Scene Player ( WindsPlayer.exe ) and Web3D Player ( supports IE & Firefox family ).

Awakening presentations can far and wide use in entertainment, education, advertising, and so on. Awakening's purpose is some like Flash, but it is native & full 3D.

Why Awakening?

* Compact

The Lite Version only 2,854K; and the Web3D Player is about 400K.

* Low System Requirements

Only need DirectX 8.1 level 3D accelerator.

* Easy-to-use

Built-in animation editor, lightmap baker, physics system; use Lua scripting language to control everything.

* Rich and Customizable Post Effects

Presets brightness/contrast, blur, distort, desaturate, levels, threshold, bloom, etc; And just need writing shader to custom post effect.


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