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    Sep 2009

    Difference between Mental Ray and Vray?

    Is there something which mentalray can't do but vray can? whats the biggest difference?

    why people are crazy after vray?

    don't tell me that vray can produce photorealastic images..cause thats what everyone says.. and i have seen mental ray can do it too.. i need to know exact difference..

    I am not sure why vray price is $1000 for a plugin... mentalray comes free with max..

    is there something in vray which help to save lots of time?

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    Nov 2008

    hi dollmaker,

    well, this question it's very complicated, because the render plug-in it's very particular, i use V-ray...Why? because i liked....the both are excelent and work very well, i love the environment and light of V-ray, but Mental Ray it's great too, the V-ray render is used for the most part to Archviz...and Mental Ray for Animation and Cinema...but the both do increadible images.
    Yes, Mental Ray comes with 3DSM, but you pay for this too...
    The thing is...the image is not the render that you use, but how do you use...

    sorry for my bad english....i hope i can help
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    Sep 2009

    thanks eddie.. shall i go for mentalray and learn it well before i go on to buy vray?

    all though i am still not sure why the price is so high... if vray price is so high then there must be something awesome about it which mentalray can't do...
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    Jan 1970

    what I understood from discussions with different guys is that VRay is easier / quicker to setup for high quality rendering.
    On the other side Mental ray is apparently more powerfull (shaders, coding, workflow, etc) but this is true for very skilled people only.
    Basically Vray is a good choice for most of us...
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    Oct 2009

    Just try to compare vray and mental ray speed when rendering motion and or displacement map.

    Mental ray can be insanely slow when you need true 3d motion blur with reflection (mr fast morion blur is limited in regard to reflection).
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