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    Twilight Render for SketchUp Released Today!

    Been a guest here for quite some time, and I know there are several talented artists here that model using SketchUp. I thought you may be interested to know some news today:

    It is our great pleasure to announce the release of the Twilight Render Plugin for Google SketchUp. With Twilight, realistic renderings are easy to create right inside SketchUp without spending days and weeks learning complicated software.

    Twilight gives you the flexibility of working on your model while you render in any of several biased and unbiased methods. It allows you to use an unlimited number of processors for maximum speed. Twilight integrates directly into Sketchup with views, layers, materials, lighting tools and more.

    Twilight supports physically accurate materials like fuzzy reflection and subsurface scattering, specialized render methods like Alpha Mask, and a wide range of fine tuned render presets. Twilight also supports animation with almost no setup time, including third-party plugins like Proper Animation and SketchyPhysics!

    Come join us at Twilight Render to see all Twilight has to offer. Download a free evaluation copy to try it for yourself.

    The auditorium and the interior with the stair are just two of many images I have created using SketchUp and Twilight. Hopefully some of you may find the plugin useful.
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    Very impressive renders, as SketchUp models it's looking amazing.
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