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    Sep 2008

    Ecological housing:university project IV semester

    Hi guys long time no post from me was busy with university projects and so on... I'm posting the first renders of my project which is soon to be done so ill re post and update it later again. It's my IV semester project for university and the task was to design an apartment building and since i wasn't satisfied with the simplicity of the task i decided to make an eco-enviromental building which has self-reproducting power abilities... anyway long story short here are the renders from two sides of it the front side and the back side all is done with Vray and 3ds max. Hope u like it!



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    Jan 2006

    very nice and interesting architecture

    very good render
    keep it up
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    Oct 2005

    is it modeled in 3ds max or some other software
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    Dec 2008

    1st nad 2nd image are very good - bravo good work!!
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    Oct 2008

    super izgleda!Jel ima neki detalj?
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    Sep 2008

    Actually the building is modeled in autocad 2007 and imported in max. The street and enviroment is done in max 9 and rendered with vray.
    @ kinan.safi - thnx man a lot i really appriciate it!
    @ Artdesignvision - tnx for the comment m8 and yea i know didnt rly have much time to work on the 3rd shot
    @ stokanovic - nema trenutno ali ce biti:P
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    Jun 2007

    damn, this is good, I like it very much, 5 stars !
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    Feb 2006

    Good job,nice concept!
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    Jun 2004

    Nice renders.
    Somehow, am in the love with that huge exhaust fan

    Hey can you share your window glass material..thanks in advance.
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    really nice renders, espacially the first one, BUT...awful camera correnction, m8...there's no camera in the real world that could do that for you..and it's not good looking too..other than that - great renders and concept
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    interesting concept man,i loved the architecture,and about the renders-i loved it too.
    just little more work over lighting and it will blast every one.keep up the good work.and all the best.
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    Oct 2007

    very nice ...looks so real. i like the color.
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    Feb 2007

    Nice concept, but you should work more on lighting the scene and give a grass a hue variety... Keep up the good work.
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    Sep 2008

    Ok here's the glass material nothing fency nothing much its quiet basic. The IOR is 1.514 and all the subdivisions are 8!

    @ neveroqtno - thnx pal i really appriciate ur words! How's university by the way? ur done soon ?

    @ koolnits - thnx a bunch man!

    @ Inxa - thnx man iv posted the glass mat for ya and as for the exhaust fan's they produce electricity for the building they work on 2x types on forces during winter and autumn they work is purely based on wind force coming from west to east. During summer they work from the solar energy that is absorbed by the solar panels on the roof top. The room where the fans are is a ecological garden for the occupants/ppl who live in the building. So bassicly the fans not only make the electricity for the building but also allow the air the "fresh and eco" air inside the garden to circulate inside the building and inside the apartments via installation pipes. The garden is also an chill out zone and rest zone for the lodgers.

    @ graffitiman - yea i know its not realistic but i wanted to achive a more dramatic look for the render shoot, thnx for the tip though ill prolly work more on this and try to correct it next time

    @ rohit - thnx budd really appriciated when it comes from you!

    @ vivramarun - thnx!

    @ goranl - hvala poradicu na tome!

    @ evermotion - thnx for the front page!
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    Nov 2007

    i like colour tone so much, can you share some tips for this tone. Thanks !
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    Dec 2008

    i like 1st pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!good job
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    Jun 2004


    Thanks for the material.

    Excellent concept. Would be very nice to stay over there.
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    May 2007

    nice render and excellent design concept bro.. i like ur work very much..i like ur Ivy very much.....its nice ..somethings i want to know from you...the wall textures are very nice...wat texture did u use?
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    Sep 2008

    Np Inxa glad to help! Thnx logesh_v as for the textures as u asked I used textures from arroway, those are by far the best, and textures from The concrete texture of the back facade is an arroway texture from the concrete vol 1. disc. I'v added a bleach bypass layer to the concrete in photoshop with nic color efex plugin so it would look more dirty and bumpy... in short words so it would look more realistic!
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    wow very good render
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