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    Missing Vray Quad Menu?

    Hi guys- I'm new to this community, and I'm just learning to use Vray. I have been following many online tutorials, and I am frequently running into references to specific options in the Vray quad menu, which seems to be missing from my machine.

    For example, "Through the quad-menu: select the meshes you want to export, right-click in the viewport and select the "VRay mesh export" option". I've seen other references to options which may convert my materials and lights to Vray mats/lights, and that sounds useful as well.

    When I right click and pull up my quad menu, I see no Vray related options. I have also gone through customize user interface> quads and searched for these functions, but I don't see any that I recognize to be a part of Vray.

    Could any one point me in the right direction? Thanks for your time.
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    First of all make sure that V-ray is already assigned as a renderer when you work on the scene. It seems this is the clue.
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    go to max script listener new file and type registerVRayMenus()

    that will solve the problem.
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    Thank you! That solved my problem
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    Missing vray squad menu

    really helped me.Thank you sir.
    scripting - maxScriptListener - type - registerVRayMenus() and give ENTER and it displays true. Then will start to work vray squad
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