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    Noahman - Rendering Competition

    Haven't had much time on this.. Spent round 9 hours all between projects.. Going for more realism than something stylized.. What is interesting is I found I could cut quite a few corners and still get a reasonable result.. This is where I am at the moment. Still would like to add a little more details.. This is a quick rough render with real low settings just so I can get something to the forum, just in case I have no time to finish.. Will put a higher quality render on a little later.

    Oooo, one more thing, grabbed 2 great plant models from the free section! Big thanks to Oliman for the cool tree and flowers!

    Please, c&c most welcome!!
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    Nov 2005

    Almost Final..

    So much good work in this contest.. Good luck to everyone.. Judging by the amount of comments I received for my WIP, I dont stand a chance.. Was fun doing the contest anyway.. maybe I wont be so busy for the next one.. So much too do, so little time..
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    Final - Evermotion rendering Competition

    Here's my final.. Well done to everyone, some real great entries!
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    great render! I love it
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