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    Hi all,
    Here is my final entry.
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    This is my first competition in evermotion.

    Here are a few of the renders in progress
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    Apr 2009

    I like the bamboo. Myself planning to put some at the same place as well. Just don't know how yet.
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    HI All

    I am uploading my latest work in progress.

    All C&C are appreciated,
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    Here is the earlier WIP without much enhancements
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    Here are a couple of updates in the render. I was wondering if anyone could comment on the renders
    Would appreciate the feedback.
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    Here is the latest render with a few updates. Kindly do give your valuable comments, good or bad, preferably bad so I can improve on it.
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    Feb 2008

    aside from tiling issues with your stone section, very nice..
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    thank you for the comment Rod

    here is my latest render with a few more updates.
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    Feb 2008

    I like the first stonework better, perhaps you could just work on expanding the stone material and randomize it a bit in PS. also check your saturation levels on the bamboo
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    Here is some of the latest updates.
    Thank you for the comments Rod.

    Looking forward to more comments from all.
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    Hi all,
    Here is the Final entry.
    Kindly do give your valuable comments.
    All the best to all.
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    Final Entry
    Hope you all like it.
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